Apr 24, 2013

Get younger skin by taking collagen supplement from Ultimate Perfecting Complex SF

Do you find that your skincare don’t really deliver what it promised? Sometimes it is not because the product is bad, but it is because your skin has lost its ability to absorb the skincare benefits. Old skin like mine lost its collagen on a daily basis. If you have any skin problem, you will have to treat your collagen level first before hoping for the results from your skincare.

There are many ways to gain back your collagen level in your skin. By natural way, you can consume more fish, soy milk, almond, etc. But if you’re looking for faster option that delivers optimum result, you can go for injection, skincare with collagen benefits or take collagen supplement.
First option, via injection. A lot of skin specialists are promoting this treatment. It is the fastest way and most effective. However, in our country, the technology is still new and there is no regulating body to monitor the procedure. It is a bit dangerous for your health if you’re not too sure which doctor to go to. So, I wouldn’t recommend this option if you don’t have enough knowledge on your procedure.

Second option, from skincare. More and more skincare has collagen benefits. But this is the slowest way. Because your skin already lost the collagen on the inside, it slows down the absorption of skincare nutrients. So if you take skincare products that have collagen benefits, it will take a very long time before you can see the benefit.

The better option would be to take collagen via oral consumption. It is much speedy than applying collagen skincare because it treats from inside out. It is also much safer than collagen injection because there is no surgical procedure involved.

If you’re wondering what that is that can be consumed, you can try Ultimate Perfecting Complex SF (or known as UPC SF) from the Miracle Tab.

Their tagline “Lebih Cantik Dari Dahulu” really does apt. Within 8 hours, you can see the immediate result. Maybe it won’t be too obvious on your skin, but you can watch their apple video on their Facebook page. Basically it is an experiment where two slices of apple are placed in different glasses, one is floating inside a normal water and another one is added with the UPC SF. After 8 hours, both of the apple slices are retrieved from the glasses, the one in a normal water looks oxidized and brownish. The one in the UPC SF still looks like it is freshly cut. Anyway, just watch the video and you’ll know what I mean.

If you’re concern about the safety of the product, it is Halal certified and also GMP certified, which means it has passed all the standards of good manufacturing procedure. There is no preservatives and all the ingredients are safe.

Some nutritional facts here, if you’re interested…

Each box contains a month supply of UPC SF, which is 30 sachets. You only need to consume 1 sachet per day.

It is so easy to consume. All you need to do is to pour the whole sachet in your mouth. There’s no need to make drinks, or cook. But if you prefer, you can make it into drinks.

It comes in powder form. And it taste sweet & sour. Have you ever eaten peach tea powder? Yeah.. it tastes like that.

The UPC SF is made for all skin types and all skin concerns. You will see your skin look fresh, healthy and radiant instantly. Within a week, skin immediately refreshed, have doubled protection against UVA and UVB, prevents and flush the formation of toxins in the body and organs. Acne is reduced dramatically. Wrinkles and pigmentation and scars will fade, cellulite and orange peel skin will be smoother, pores appear smaller and skin will be tighter as the elasticity improved.

I have taken this for about 3 days. Although I don’t really have a lot of skin concern to battle, I notice that my skintone is much more even now. That is the only observation I have so far. But for such a short time, I am amazed with the result.
One box cost RM160. It can be cheap, it can be pricey, depending on your financial status. To ease myself, I take one sachet every alternate days so that one box can stretch up to 2 months.

If you’re wondering where to get this, you can head to their Facebook page and place your order via private message.


dreliz said...

Interesting product! I've tried kinohimitsu collagen drinks but saw no effect, so I decided to not believe in any collagen supplements.. But I might give this a try later.. Thanks for sharing!

Jerine said...

dr eliz: I used to take collagen drink also. Can't remember the brand. It was green color. I think that's quite good, but it was super expensive. About RM300 a month.

obagi nu derm starter kit said...

It is such a informative post. Thanks to blogger for this article. I guess I should give collagen a try. but I have another problem, black heads... :(

Anyways, thanks for the article.

Alison Clarke

Jerine said...

@obagi nu derm starter kit: Thank you. If you have problem with blackhead, try the b.liv sebum gel. I heard it works.

Unknown said...

The decrease of collagen in our body is accelerated with the concerns, the stress, the sleepless nights, lack of rest, poor nutrition, smoking, alcohol, makeup, pollution, overexposure to sun.

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