Apr 5, 2013

Harpers Bazaar Malaysia x Lanvin

This month is Harpers Bazaar 10th year anniversary and they partner with Lanvin in this issue. However, this issue is limited edition. It comes in a huge blue box that contains the magazine, a Harper's Bazaar toiletries bag, a Harper's Bazaar note book and a Lanvin Me miniature perfume.

I'm actually more interested in the perfume than anything else. I'm huge fan of miniature perfume (if you ever come to my house, remind me to show you my collection) and I haven't got any perfume from Lanvin. So I thought to myself, by hook or by cook, I have to get the limited edition box.

This limited edition box is only available at:

  • Kinokuniya
  • Times Bookstore BSC, Pavilion, Sri Hartamas Shopping Centre
  • Borders Gardens, I Mont Kiara, Bangsar Village II, The Curve
  • MyNews Pavilion

I manage to grab the very last one at Kinokuniya with Christine. After work today, we rushed to KLCC and our first stop was Kinokuniya. I actually didn't think that I will get it because it is selling out fast everywhere but I still go just in case a have a hint of luck. I spotted it immediately and there was only two boxes left! That was when I really praise the Lord and felt so lucky. It's been sold out almost everywhere!!!!

If you want to try your luck, do go to places that has less shopper like Times BSC, Sri Hartamas, Borders I Mont Kiara or BVII. Who knows they still have some left. If you can find it then get it!!! It's only RM15. And the box is so freaking heavy!!! It's packed with goodies.

But if you can't get it, do get the magazine as well. This is a bumper issue and there are a lot of information compact in this month.

Check out the greetings from famous designers:


There are tonnes of fashion editorial for guys too!

My favorite read is the Zang Toi's life peep. Zang Toi's house is officially my dream home now. It's ah-may-zing!!!!!!!

And there's also a inserts on beauty products. This is a very useful write up for me. There are so many beauty products that they feature in this small booklet.

Now, ladies..... faster run to the magazine store now and hunt for it!!!


RockPaperBeauty said...

I LOVE the see-thru cosmetics bag. I really want it! Hope I can find it in Toronto.

bendan said...

NICE~ Did not see any from Publika last week or else I'll get myself one too. =X

Jerine said...

@RockPaperBeauty: You can get those in Sephora. It looks about the same.

@bendan: Oh no... I think you overlooked?

Anonymous said...

arr, I tried my luck at KLCC & Garden, but both sold out & no intend to re-stock. *cry*