Apr 12, 2013

L'Occitane Haul & Huge Deals at L'Occitane Queensbay Mall Penang

Hello everyone! I'm back in Penang for the weekend. Today I have some L'Occitane haul to share with you all and also to let you know that there's a big promotion going on in L'Occitane Queensbay Mall. If you're in Penang this weekend, you cannot miss the deal.

Let's start with the haul first. These are the stuff I have in my stash:


Here's the new Immortelle line that L'Occitane introduced lately. It is a brightening skincare line. I have heard so much about this skincare line that L'Occitane developed, can't wait to try out these Brightening Concentrated 3D Mask, Brightening Cleansing Foam, Brightening Essence, Brightening Moisture Cream and Brightening Water.

The Lavande Shower Gel is my favorite shower gel from all the ones that L'Occitane have. Lavande is their lavender scent collection. It smells like pure lavender oil. It is so relaxing, perfect to use at night. The scent is long lasting and lingers around hours after showering. And the Rose des Champs is the rose scented collection. Like all their body lotion, the Rose des Champs body lotion is soft and leaves your skin with a shield of silky texture. The smell is soooooo good.

The Shea Butter line from L'Occitane is their best seller collection. If you have rough skin and want to achieve soft and smooth skin, you should try their Shea Butter body care. I have here the 100% Shea Butter (a multi-use product), 15% Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Lotion and 5% Shea Ultra Rich Shower Cream.

And lastly... the hair care. The Essential Oils No. 5 hair shampoo and conditioner are their best selling hair care products from L'Occitane. I keep seeing this everywhere in their store. The 5 essential oils are angelica, lavender, geranium, ylang ylang and sweet orange. The mixture create a relaxing aroma.

And some bonus toiletries bags and shopping bag...

The L'Occitane outlet at Queensbay Mall recently renovated into a green house concept. The entire shop is equipped with environmentally-friendly concept. The furniture are from sustainable resources and the lighting are energy saving.

L'Occitane is trying to renovate all their stores into this environmentally-concept slowly one-by-one. Such effort should be given applause. And check out this cool gold floor tile with engraved L'Occitane logo:

The setting are pretty much the same as the old L'Occitane store...

I realized there are a lot of refillable packaging products that are sold at L'Occitane. This is a great initiative for L'Occitane to promote environmentally-friendly packaging.

Here are some pledges from the brand:


For L'Occitane's opening at Queensbay Mall, they have prepared a lot of promotion and freebies for you. There are too many good deals, I don't know where to start. Let me put it in points:

  • Member's Exclusive: Present your L'occitane membership card and receive an exclusive gift. No purchase needed.
  • Early Bird Special: First 300 customers who purchase above RM200 will receive a free Limited Edition I Love L'Occitane Tote Bag.
  • Instant Rewards: Visit them at their greenhouse concept boutique and be entitled for an instant reward. Stand a chance to win RM100 cash voucher and other prizes worth RM20,000.
  • Bring a Friend and be Rewarded: Bring your friend to join as L'Occitane new member and when they purchase above RM350, you will receive a Free Spring Cherry Travel Kit worth RM85.
  • Opening Specials: The Best of Almond set (wort RM157), Best of Shea Butter set (worth RM150) and Best of Aromachologie set (worth RM145) are all at RM99 only!!!
  • Jumbo Special: Purchase any two 500ml Jumbo size items, and receive a Free Limited edtion Umbrella.
  • Facebook Fans Exclusive: As of 12 April 2013, take a photo of you and your purchase at the Queensbay Mall L'Occitane boutique and upload as your Facebook profile, you will receive Best of Provence travel kit worth RM120.

I hope I don't miss out any deals. All the promotions are limited to the quantity of products they have in the store. Terms & conditions applied. Promotions valid until 14th April only. If you're interested in any of the deals, I advise you to check it out at the store.

The L'Occitane at Queensbay Mall also received the award of Best Decorated Store in the mall.

This is quite true. Their window display is always attractive and so colorful...

I'm eyeing on the two products from L'Occitane that I wanted. The first one is the Amande Expert Cellulite Control. You guys know that I'm trying my very best to fight my cellulite, right? This might be a good product to try.

And the next one is the shower oil. I've never tried shower oil before....

Anyone tried the two products before? Do let me know if they're good.

If you're from Penang or going to Penang this weekend, do go to L'Occitane Queensbay Mall for the great deals they have. Don't miss out such good offer.

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LauraLeia said...

That looks like a really good haul! :D The essential oils shampoo and conditioner sounds like the perfect thing for my unruly hair. >__<

Jerine said...

@LauraLeia: I can't wait to try it out but at the same time I want to keep for my travel trip :(

Constance Ant said...

wah you manyak cepat!

nice meeting you, Jerine today! ;)

millymin said...

weii .. came back to penang tak habak pun :(

Unknown said...

Was a pleasure meeting you, Jerine! Hope you have a weekend of fragrance ;)

Jerine said...

@Constance: Hahaha.. Yeah. Nice meeting you too <3

@millymin: Gua tanya lu kat mana, tak jawab pun...

@jamiey writes: Thank you. Nice meeting you too!

Jen said...

Love your site Jerine. I want to start traveling and trying these new products but i am a little scared at the minute lol.