Apr 8, 2013

Monday Mani: Butter London & Nails Inc. Swatches Galore

I just found a new hobby... To swatch nails at Sephora. I don't normally do that because the nail polish in Sephora always dry and gooey. Since the whole set of Butter London, Nails Inc. and Ciate are still new, it was quite hassle free to swatch.

The best time to go for nail swatching is after dinner on weekdays. The entire Sephora is so quiet and it wouldn't be too embarrassing to stand there for too long. I managed to swatch Butter London (5 colors) and Nails Inc. (5 colors) this time. Sometimes I wish I have more fingers so that I can swatch more colors on my nails.

This is what I tried on from Butter London:

L-R: Slapper, Primrose Hill Picnic, Cheeky Chops, Queen Vic and Trout Pout

Slapper: I don't know why the real color don't show on photos. It is a plastic emerald green that has a hint of blue. I super love it! It is also one of the famous color from Butter London.

Primrose Hill Picnic: The original color is a plastic pink. I call it the Barbie Doll pink. The color changed once I put on my top coat. It turned into purplish pink/fuschia as you can see in the photo. If you want to get this, I advise you to try it on with your top coat first.

Cheeky Chops: This is a milky baby pastel yellow color. The formula is quite streaky on this one. And it needs 2 coats to even out the streakiness.

Queen Vic: If you know the true shade of royal purple, this is the one. It is not surprising that they name it Queen Vic. The purple is red base and lean towards plum color and it is quite vampy.

Trout Pout: I call this the happy pink. It is orange base peach pink. It has a little neon effect. This is also Butter London's famous color.

And here are the Nails Inc. swatches....

L-R: Cambridge Terrace, Marylebone 3D Glitter, Kensinton Palace Garden, Haymarket, Devonshire Row +Diamond Arcade

Cambridge Terrace: A true silver metallic. This is an awesome color. I'm going to purchase this next.

Marylebone: Is from their 3D Glitter Effect line. It contains micro silver and dark pink and round silver glitter.

Kensington Palace Garden: This color almost the same as Trout Pout but it is a bit milkier. I call this the peach pastel. If you like peach and pastel color, you will definitely like it.

Haymarket: From far, this could be mistaken as Royal Botanical Garden. After comparing it, I find that Haymarket is darker, more subtle and RBG is brighter. Haymarket leans more towards green and RBG leans more to the blue side.

Devonshire Row: Is a red base purple. The color on itself is really pretty creamy purple. This is the Barney purple.
Diamond Arcade: I top the Devonshire Row with Diamond Arcade which is a glitter top coat. The glitter is in shards and piece, there's no certain shape to it. And the glitter is kind of hologram. It reflects light beautifully. This is another one on my list now.

Have you check out the new nail polish at Sephora? Bought anything yet?


FurFer said...

Cambridge Terrace is sweet O.O
I love how it shines on your nail

Jerine said...

@Jennifer Furfer: I can't wait to get it. It is really eyecatching nail polish.

FurFer said...

Can't wait to try it on now. Is every Sephora outlet has it?

Jerine said...

@Jennifer Furfer: I only visited the Sephora KLCC. I think all Sephoras should have it since their inevntory are all standardized.