Apr 22, 2013

Monday Mani: Nail Polish Storage

I'm still kinda busy right now, at the same time I don't want to neglect this blog. So I thought I show you all how I store/display my nail polish. I collected quite a lot of nail polish by now and they're all in one place so I can pick up the colors I want easily.

I got the clear acrylic 4 tier shelf from a supplier in Jalan Loke Yew. I can't really remember the shop name. It is one of those shop that supplies plastic bags, storage, mannequin, shelves, etc. It was pretty cheap. I think it cost less than RM50.

You can get acrylic shelves like that anywhere. Even MUJI and Parkson is selling it. MUJI price is a bit steep, but the one in Parkson is pretty affordable.

The back of the shelf is a waste of space. So I store those nail polish that comes in set behind it.

How do you normally store your nail polish? I'm looking for more alternatives because my nail polish are multiplying really fast. I want to keep my nail polish visible but at the same time neatly arranged. Any idea how?


LauraLeia said...

That's a pretty neat storage solution! :) For me, I keep my nail polishes in those clear plastic boxes with handles (bought from Daiso). Easier for me to organize, pick and place them back when I'm done, plus they're really cheap and won't collect dust. :)

Unknown said...

Hye Jerine, Perhaps u wanna share with us why you have "absolute Vodka" bottle in between your nail polishes. did u use it as one of the element for your nails besides other items? (base coat / top coat etc)

Jerine said...

@LauraLeia: I wanted to put them in the box. But I'm afraid it might be too heavy and drop.

@Edazz Lucinda: I tried to do a newspaper nail art with the alcohol. But I failed badly. I'm keeping it for second round trial :D