Apr 14, 2013

Pangea Organics: The Skincare that you can eat!!!

Good news: More and more people are going green lately. And I know a lot of people even incorporate their green habits into skincare and cosmetic consumption.

Bad news: Many brands are taking advantage and making it a marketing trend to label themselves as "natural", "vegan", "environmentally friendly", etc.

Before I go on any further, watch this video first. I show this video to everyone I know...

If you're looking for a wholly environmentally-friendly and organic product for your skincare, Pangea Organics is the one you should try. Their products are certified by USDA and NSF for meeting the strict criteria and requirements as an organic product. You can even eat your mask or your facial wash without the risk of getting poisoned!!! All of Pangea Organics products contain at least 70% organic ingredients and prepared in an environmentally-friendly manner. The non-organic part are plainly water. Not just that, their packaging are made of recycled materials and the printing are made of vegetable inks certified by FSC. Their boxes are embedded with seeds like herbs and flowers, so if you wet their boxes and plant it, the seed will eventually grow into real plants!!!! I think that's a very brilliant green design.

In the US, Pangea Organics is one of the top selling green brand for skincare. Lucky enough for me to discover this brand in Penang. They have two outlets in Malaysia, Gurney Plaza and Queensbay Mall, both in Penang. It's weird to see some international brands are popping up in Penang first, instead of Klang Valley. I had a little chat with the staff and they told me that they are still looking for location in Klang Valley to open a new outlet. Hopefully soon...

Pangea Organics have a whole range of skincare products, as well as bath products. I'm still a newbie to this brand and wasn't sure what I should get to try. The staff recommended the Skincare Discovery Kit to me. The kit has all the necessary skincare for me to try...

The Skincare Discovery Kit (for normal and combination skin) comes with miniature size of facial cleanser, facial scrub, facial mask, facial cream, facial toner and a sachet of eye cream.

Facial Cleanser - Egyptian Calendula & Blood Orange

The gentle yet effective facial cleanser nurtures the skin with vital plant-based nutrients that nourish, protect, soften and soothe. Organic essential oils and herbal extracts help calm irritation, balance oil production and rejuvenate the skin.

The texture of the cleanser is quite silky because of the essential oil. I love the smell a lot. And it thoroughly cleanse the face without leaving any trace of dirt (I can tell this when I apply toner with my cotton pad).

Facial Scrub - Egyptian Geranium with Adzuki Bean & Cranberry

This dual action (as facial wash and as exfoliant) scrub polishes the skin's surface without disrupting its delicate balance. Food based enzymes team up with manual exfoliants to deliver a clear, fresh, glowing complexion.

The exfoliating agent (the adzuki bean & cranberry) is very mild to the skin. Most facial scrubs actually scrub off the top layer of your skin, but this one don't. It rubs off the impurities from your pores and polishes your skin as you scrub your skin. I totally recommend this!!!

For lazy girls like me, you can mix the facial wash and the facial scrub together so you can skip and extra step. Because the ingredients are organic and contains no chemical, there is no chemical reaction and no harm for you to mix the products.

Facial Mask - Japanese Matcha Tea with Acai & Goji Berry

This mask do everything at once. It is made of super potent superfood ingredients will help deep-cleanse, detoxify, exfoliate, tone, hydrate, prevent wrinkles, nourish, protect and balance. It will leave your skin beautifully radiant.

From the first look, you kinda know what it reminds me of...

Don't get turned off by the that. It actually smells pretty good. It smells like fresh fruit/vegetable juice. Spread it out on your skin and leave it dry for few minutes. This is the type of mask which gives you more benefits when you apply longer. When it's completely dried, wet your fingers and rub it off before you cleanse. It will help exfoliate your skin too.

I will get a full size for this because my mini size trial is finishing soon. This is another one which I totally recommend you to get.

Facial Toner - Italian Green Mandarin & Sweet Lime

Toner completes the cleansing process by removing all traces of dirt and oil, refining pores, bringing the skin to balance and preparng it to thoroughly receive the benefits of the facial cream. Italian Green Mandarin with Sweet Lime Facial toner delivers targeted herbal extracts that are ideal for normal to combination skin.

It comes with a spray nozzle which is so convenient. You can choose to dab it with your palm or you can wipe it off with cotton pad. I think this is good to have, not to mention smells great, but it is not a product that you have to die for.

Facial Cream - Nigerian Ginger with Lavender & Tyme

Formulated for normal to combination skin, the facial cream penetrates deeply offering superior hydration with environmental protection. Nourish and protect your precious face with the highest quality organic nutrients and botanicals that nature has to offer.

I think this product was featured in the Birchbox US in their Green Box edition. The texture of the cream is matte, which makes it perfect to be worn during the day and underneath your makeup. It doesn't create that greasy feeling but able to provide long lasting hydration throughout the day.

Eye Cream - Turkish Rose & White Tea

Their eye cream is an award winning product. It doesn't contain fillers, so it might take some time to see the result. I've been using this for a week and so far, I don't see any results yet.

I couldn't help myself but to get a bottle of their body wash and also the loofah..

The shower gel that made of Pyrenees Lavender and Cardamom smells heavenly!!! Oh, did I tell you that all Pangea Organics products are also aroma therapy infused?

I personally find that shower gel is pretty much the same for every brand, but as I am more environmentally responsible now, I'll try to use organic shower gel as well. Do you know that shower gel that you use got flushed down to the drainage and no process is able to strain the chemical out of the water? In the end, the plant will absorb the chemical and the water creatures will consume the remaining chemical. Now that I'm using the Pangea Organics shower gel, I don't have to worry about that. Well, if a turtle gets to swallow my shower gel, at least lavender & cardamom taste much better than chemical. Just kidding...

If you're interested in the ingredients...

And the Carpa Wool Sea Sponge is so nice to use. It creates lather and able to scrub your skin as well. It's totally tear resistant. But one problem is, you have to keep this dry all the time because it is biodegradable.

I know it is a bit hard to get Pangea Organics stuff even though they're so good. If you're not living in Penang, you can always send them a message, easiest to get to them is through their Facebook page. The will deliver the product to you. They are super friendly people. I wish they can open an outlet in Klang Valley soon.

After trying so many products from Pangea Organics, I totally recommend:

1. Egyptian Geranium with Adzuki Bean & Cranberry Facial Scrub
2. Japanese Matcha Tea with Acai & Goji Berry Facial Mask (MUST HAVE!!!)
3. Nigerian Ginger with Lavender & Thyme Facial Cream

I'm going to get the Facial Mask tomorrow before flying back to KL tomorrow. I'm getting so attached to it now.

By the way, if you have the time, do watch this video about plastic disposals. It only takes one and half hour of your life to change your mindset completely. Thankfully, companies like Pangea Organics are shifting away from using plastics and incorporate green-chemistry into their products.


wiida said...

Hmm. the mask looks super tempting. You influenced me a lot. seriously. :) Love this kind of post, its like a motivation post for me to keep being a green-man.

Jerine said...

@Wiida Ribbon: Hahaha... I'm trying to spread the message. If there's good stuff, I will definitely recommend to you.

Constance Ant said...

i must have so muchy toxin inside me :S

i am more aware of going green now...kiasi ant :/ i always check the ingredient of my products, make sure there's no paraben!

hey seems Penang trip this time is quite fruitful ar, with so many new products ;)

Livia said...

Inspiring video, I'll put it up on my blog too.

illy ariffin said...

mixing the face wash and scrub :) save time i like it :)

Diane said...

I also mix the 2 products together. I have never used this brand though. I have looked around and they are not priced too high so may try a set for myself. x

Suzanne said...

I too love Pangea Organic products. I would recommend the Italian Red Mandarin with Rose facial cream and the delicious French Rosemary with sweet orange facial toner.