Apr 10, 2013

Review: Dear My Jelly Lips-talk in JPK001 from Etude House

Hi girls! Today I want to review something which I've been using a lot lately, that is the Etude House Dear My Jelly Lips-talk in the color JPK001. First of all, I must say, the name is really weird. It doesn't make any grammar-sense nor it doesn't make any sense to me at all. They should just name it Jelly Lipstick or something simple like that. And I also wish they name their color with something easier to remember than some codes. Anyway, I can live with that.

The Dear My Jelly Lips-talk is part of Etude House new collection called Sweet Recipe. It has 8 shades, comprising of 2 tints. The one I have here is actually a pink tint.

I really love the jello tube on the lipstick. It's so cool! I never had lipstick like that before. All my lipsticks are the normal cream type tube.

The pigmentation is quite sheer as it is a tint more than a regular cream lipstick. Once you swatch it, it appears to be really sheer, but leave it for a few seconds, it turns a bit darker. And if you want a brighter color, you can always layer it.

The color of the tint is not really as what you can see from the tube. The same case applies to all the 8 shades. You should really go to Etude House store to swatch it first before buying them. If you're planning to buy online, make sure you check out the swatches from various sites before jump into it. As you can see, the color of the lipstick tube is pink, but once I swatch it on my lips, it appears red.

Don't worry about the durability. It is pretty long-lasting. I don't need to reapply it after eating. The color stays as long as 6 hours. I think that's pretty cool and perfect for lazy girls like me.

The texture is more like a solid lip balm. It doesn't dry the lips and I find that my lips don't chap after applying it. If you have dry chapped lips, this could be a very good lipstick for you. It has a hint of jelly bean smell on the tube, but it goes off when you apply it on your lips. There's no taste to it too.

I am a little bit disappointed with the packaging. Since this lipstick comes under the Sweet Recipe Collection, they could have done it better. Instead, it looks like some plastic Barbie lipstick. It looks more like a toy instead of a makeup. Whenever I'm hanging out with my older friends, I get a bit conscious to take this lipstick out. The packaging is definitely more appealing to the younger crowd, and not for an old lady like me. Thankfully it is long lasting so I don't have to take it out frequently to reapply.

For a toy-like lipstick, you would assume that it is pretty cheap. However, I think the price is quite expensive. It retails at RM59.90. For a Korean brand cosmetic, that's a bit expensive. Normally it only cost RM30+.

1. Fantastic color, long-lasting and able to layer to create stronger color.
2. Doesn't dry and chap lips.
3. Easy to apply.

1. Expensive
2. Limited edition.
3. Packaging is not that nice.

Overall, I think this is a very good lipstick. I like the color a lot. When I put it on, it looks as if I have a natural red lips. I am looking forward to get another one. I want to get something peach or orange to go with my brighter outfits. If you're the type that don't like heavy makeup, or maybe you're just starting to explore makeups, this is the right one for you.

*** I got this from the Etude House Sweet Collection launch. I am not obliged to write the review, so the opinions are entirely my own.

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wiida said...

Thank you for the review! The packaging looks pretty and ya, its light and looks cheap at the same time. Last time I bought their previous lipstick collection and was really disappointed with the formula. Luckily they've improved it.Thanks for the honest review!

Choi Yen said...

The packaging is cute enough for me, I like the sheer colour too~

Unknown said...

ooh gonna try it..! i the lazy person to touch up balik2 :)

Wenxy said...

Did my post for naked basic approved ?
I already commented on the post :)


Michelle Tang said...

I have this lipstick too. I also got the yellow, orange, and red jelly lipstick. If you are interested, you can read the reviews of them at my blog: Etude House Dear my Jelly Lips-talk JBE101