Apr 26, 2013

Review: Too Cool For School 1 Day Tatoo Eye Brow

Today I'm going to review something which I love... the 1 Day Tatoo Eye Brow from Too Cool For School. You've probably seen this from my Too Cool For School Haul. To be honest, there are a lot of cool products from the brand, but everything is like "meh...we've seen it before, only difference is TCFS has better packaging" but this.... this 1 Day Eyebrow Tatoo caught my attention right away. It was love at first swatch!

Normally for eye brow I use pencil or powder form. I've never tried anything like this, which is a marker type. You know how your liquid eyeliner is like? It's in that form. The color that I got is ash brown. They have 2 colors, another one is much darker.


1. Easy to manage. The pen is easy to handle and you can create any eyebrow shape easily.
2. The color is quite light, but buildable. So if you change color, you don't have to buy a new eyebrow color. If your hair go lighter, then just use one layer. If you darken your hair, then use a few layers.
3. Waterproof and last really long.
4. The tip is super fine. You can draw a very thin eyebrow if you want to.


1. I actually can't think of anything bad about this product, other than it is a bit hard to get. You can only get it from Too Cool For School Shop which is located in Bangsar.

I can't remember how much it cost, I think I paid around RM42, or less.

The main thing that I love about this eye brow marker (I'm still not sure if it is eye brow pencil or marker or what?) is that the color can be layered. I am able to control the color. Sometimes when I want a lighter eyebrow then I'll just apply less. And if I want a darker eyebrow, I'll just have to draw it a few times. The tip is very easy to manage.

I totally recommend this to everyone, especially those who aren't an expert of eyebrow drawing. If you happen to be at Jalan Telawi, drop by TCFS shop and swatch this. You'll fall in love.


Abigail said...

nice! serve the brand well!

Jerine said...

@Abigail: I'm surprised why this aren't their star product. I like it a lot.

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