Apr 2, 2013

Super Cute Phone Cases from Femme de Pivot

Having a phone without cover is like being naked. It's awkward that I feel that way, I think I am psychologically affected by the notion that every phone needs a phone cover. In the beginning, this is the state of my phone...

I definitely need a cover, and all I'm asking for are:

1. must be designer cover.
2. must be feminine.
3. must be durable.
4. must be of high quality.
5. must not be too expensive.

Not too much of a demand isn't it? Thankfully, Femme de Pivot contacted me and showed me their website. I was browsing through and found a bazillion phone case that I lust for. All their products are tastefully designed by Hong Kong graphic designer, Y.S. Wong. I love all her art work but I had to narrow down to two cases, one silicon case and another hardshell cover:

The blue one is from Femme de Pivot's Home Sweet Home collection called Sewing Kits. The graphic reminds me of folk art and the sewing machine is so adorable.

And I also pick up a hardshell cover for my another phone. This one called Love Birds from their Love Folk Collection. It is embroidery inspired graphics.

Every Femme de Pivot case comes with a free screen protector...

Since I already have my existing screen protector, I just keep it as a spare. It is so expensive to buy screen protector these days. It is very generous of them to give out a free one.

That's not all, the cases also have its own wallpaper to match with. All you need to do is to go to the Apps Store and search for "femme de pivot"...

The app is completely free and user friendly. There are hundreds of pretty and cute wallpaper to choose from. You just have to download the wallpaper as if you're downloading any other image and then apply it as your wallpaper and screensaver.

I choose the wallpaper that match my phone case so they don't look weird...

Shopping on Femme de pivot is very easy as well. They accept Paypal and major credit cards and ships internationally. After placing the order, the admin sent me the tracking number. I didn't utilize the tracking number though. The parcel arrived within a week!

After receiving the phone cases in my hands, I find myself browsing for more cases. It is that addictive! There are so many cases that I want!!! I even browse through their Samsung phone cases and found some that I love. Too bad I don't have any Samsung phone.

If you're looking for designer phone cases at affordable price, do check out Femme de Pivot. They also sell various products such as DSLR bag, lifestyle products and iPad cases.


Sabrina Tajudin said...

the "peaceful" and "joy" is so cute!
nice it came along with the wallpaper...

Yuh Jiun said...

Love the love birds one! So pretty :D