May 25, 2013

Bag of Love April 2013

This is sooooooo lag! We're going into June in few days time and here I am talking about the April Bag of Love. Anyway, my BFF, you all know her as Lady Alie, bought this for me. I didn't intend to subscribe any more beauty box because I am saving my money to buy a house. You see, I spend so much money on beauty products and now I have overflowing of makeups, skincare, nail polish, etc. all over the place, but I don't have a house to keep them. A big thank you to Alie for giving this Bag of Love to me. I really love all the stuff inside (except the Nuxe Brightening BB Cream).

Here's a quick review of what's inside....

1. The Body Shop Quiet Night Dream Pillow & Body Mist, 100ml, RM59
My baby loves this. I spray on them everynight before we sleep. It has a very strong lavender/camomile scent. It is really calming and soothing. Sadly, the scent don't last too long. I think it only last about 2 hours max.

2. Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Shampoo, 200ml, RM88
I haven't tried this yet, so I don't know if it is good. However, this is a product which I'm not so keen on trying. I'm pretty comfortable with my Kerastase shampoo.

3. Nuxe Brightening BB Cream SPF30/PA+++, 30ml, RM120
I've been seeing a lot of people rave about Nuxe, but I have not tried any of their products except this one. The BB Cream is more of a tinted moisturizer than a BB Cream. And it doesn't provide enough coverage. Nonetheless, the sun screen protection is quite high.

4. Definite Contour Brush, Full size, RM88
This is by far the most useful product in the bag. The bristles are soft and stiff. It is one of those brush that you would love for edgy contouring.

5. Burt's Bees Richly Replenishing Cocoa & Capuacu Butters Body Lotion, 170ml, RM62.80
Burt's Bees products are no doubt very good, but the product sample size is really small. I think it is enough for only 1 application.

6. Decleor Hydra Floral Moisturising Cream, 50ml, RM271
It also comes with a Decleor Signature Aromaplasty Facial voucher. Decleor is also one of those beauty brand that I never thought I would want to try. Well, it is good to have it here in the bag. Now I can try if it's worth the price 'cos everything from Decleor is so expensive.

As for the bag....

This is made of bleach-free canvas. Though delicate, the bad is extremely heavy-duty.

I'm quite happy with the content of this Bag of Love that I received from Alie. However, my concern is, how many bags would you like to receive before you get sick of it? As for the normal box, I can put my junks in it and keep it in my storage. What to do with the bag, I really don't know.

Bag of love is RM39.90 each month. You can subscribe it HERE.

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