May 1, 2013

Etude House HUGE Haul

Happy Labours' Day to everyone who are working. And happy holiday to all of you!!! Isn't it nice to have a little break in the middle of a busy week? Anyway, today there's a BUY 1 FREE 1 promotion going on at Etude House Sunway Pyramid and Times Square. On top of that, the first 100 customers will get extra gift. If you followed my Facebook page, I shared the news two days ago.

I woke up so early today for shopping despite it's holiday. I think I reached Sunway Pyramid at 9:30am and there's literally no shoppers around. And the parkings... Parkings everywhere!!!! That's the little joy I had.

Here's what I bought today...

The main thing that I wanted is the Dear My Jelly Lips-talk. The one I had was in pink, this time I want to get an orange shade. It is the best lipstick I've tried so far. It is water-based, so it won't dry your skin. And it last super long, won't stain the cup and the color is buildable. Unfortunately this is limited edition under their Sweet Recipe Collection. Go get it before they run out of it. It is really good!!!

The lipstick cost RM59.90, but because the free gift is only available for those who spend RM100 above, I have to top up something else. Sheet masks are the most useful thing I can grab. I've tried the masks before and they're really not bad. I especially love the pomegranate and red ginseng.

And because it is BUY 1 FREE 1 promotion, I should get something which I use really often..... nail polish remover. I finish my nail polish remover really fast so it is good to stock up, besides they don't spoil easily. The one I got here is extra strong one which supposedly can remove glittered nail polish easily. I will review this soon, I know a lot of you looking for easy way to remove glittered nail polish.

And this is something new... Bebe Foot Mask which will peel off your keratin on your foot and reveal soft skin. The peeling process takes about 2 weeks, so I have to find some time to use it.

Lastly, this is something which I wanted to try for a long time... The Black Head Remover Dual Sheet. I have really bad pore problem. Will let you guys know if it works.

After spending above RM100, this is the gift that I got. It comes in a pretty pink doll house. I super love the doll house. I already got one of this from the launch of Sweet Collection Recipe. It does a good job in decorating my room. I hide all the unpretty stuff inside and put in on my coffee table. My coffee table instantly turn cute with the pretty display.

Curious what's inside? There are plenty of deluxe size samples and travel packs of skincare. I think it's really worth it...

1. Skin [mal.gem] trial kit (5 pieces) - Oil control toner, exfoliation toner, Moisture freshener moist, Deep moisture freshener, Oil balance freshener

2. Baking powder pore cleansing foam

3. Real Art Cleansing Oil (Moisture)

4. Real Art Cleansing Oil (Fresh)

5 Wonder Pore Freshener

6. Lip & Eye makeup remover

7. Pink nail polish

8. Etude House pencils

My love of Etude House started when I attended Rane's Etude House BFF Party. They gave out a box of door gift with plenty of stuff for me to try. Obviously I didn't have enough and keep buying from Etude House. It's super contagious aitelyuuuuu!!!!

The stuff inside the box....

1. Skin [mal.gem] trial kit (5 pieces) - Oil control toner, exfoliation toner, Moisture freshener moist, Deep moisture freshener, Oil balance freshener (I have 2 sets now - going to give one set to my friend's wife)

2. Manicure tools

3. Pocket mirror

4. Cream eyeshadow/eyeliner

5. Nail polish

After the BFF Party, I visited Etude House and bought a lot of stuff that contributes to a lot of space in my room now. I particularly love their nail polish collection. I think Etude House is really good in producing nail polish with fancy glitters. Their themed nail polish are awesome too.

Here I have 3 different colors of the Juicy Cocktail gradient nails set. I already swatched the Mint Frappe (turquoise) one HERE.

More nails stuff...

The pink nail polish remover is the normal one. Whereas the purple one (above) is the extra strong one. They're both same price, so it's more worth it to buy the purple one. I also got some single nail polish in glitters. They're reminds me a lot of those indie nail polish sold on Etsy. And the If Story Nail Kit is so pretty. This one is from their Halloween collection.

I also have the Christmas Collection called "If the White Witch Melts with Love" but I didn't photograph it. There are too many stuff in my stash that I missed that one. I'll have a separate swatch post on that to make it up.

I remember seeing Michelle review on their Eyes & Lips makeup remover, I've been wanting to try it ever since.

Moreeeeeee sheet masks. I'm looking forward to try the Dr. Ampoule and Collagen Moistfull. They're slightly more expensive than the other masks, I wonder what's so special about it. I put on mask once every 2 days, so it's good to stock up...

Yogurt masks. I think these are just ok to have. Not extremely good or bad. Definitely not something which I will repurchase. It's a bit messy to apply. I prefer sheet masks anytime. But Christine have reviewed the Kiwi Yogurt Masks, you can read it HERE if you're interested.

The Happy Teatime facial wash were selling at pretty cheap price. I haven't try it yet because I have tonnes of facial wash and it is only so much that I can use. If you're interested, you can read the review in Christine's blog HERE.

And lastly, all the funny stuff that I bought. I doubt that they're any useful, but it is nice to have because the packaging is so cute. And I got some samples. Will do review on all these weird stuff because I know you girls will want to read it, especially that lip masks.

Pheewwww..... that was a long haul. I thought it's going to take awhile for me to blog. Anyway, enjoy the rest of your day. Meanwhile, I'll look for something to review soon.

P/S: I created a group on Facebook called Malaysia Beauty Scene. Please join our little community to share and learn about beauty-related stuff in Malaysia. It is an open group. Anyone can join and post stuff on the wall.


LauraLeia said...

w00ts! That's a really big Etude House haul! I would've gone too, but had to run some errands and get my phone fixed, which means no more $$ T__T Please review the lipsticks you bought, I'd love to see swatches! :D

Jerine said...

@LauraLeia: Will do. I already did the review, so it would be quite easy to show the swatch

Yuh Jiun said...

Omg that's a lot! I should have go today, I thought there will be a lot people T_T can't wait for your reviews!

Nisah said...

Wowwww that's a lot XDD I've had my eye on the Juicy Cocktails for a while...but I dunno if I'll ever buy it.

...what's the Lip Gel for o.o ?

Camy said...

that's really alot! wow!

little miss smexy said...

Awesome haul you got here!

I love the foot mask, trust me, it WORKS!!! The mask can even remove my mom's thick foot dead skin lol.

Chuen said...

Didn't have time to go this year! Lots of nice stuff u bought :D I like their collagen eye gel patch.

Anonymous said...
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Khairani Karim said...

have a go with the lip gel! it is super nice!~ can feel your lips became softer after use but you can't speak will wearing that though!

Mizu said...

wow..nice haul :)
lucky you for been there...:D

Unknown said...

The mascara remover is really good I reckon for the price. Not too oily and can really get even the waterline eyeliner out in one swipe.

Choi Yen said...

I bought some from this buy 1 free 1 promotion too, I mostly get the sheet masks :P