May 23, 2013

GLOW by Dr. Brandt Ruby Crystal Retinol Hydracreme

In the beginning I didn't believe that ruby has its benefit in skincare. Yes, I'm talking about the precious stone ruby. Apparently, ruby lasers are one of the most powerful lasers for eradicating skin imperfections. Dr. Brandt performs this procedure on his patients who have concern with dull, uneven skin tone and texture in his clinic. Red light rays, emitted from the ruby lasers, are absorbed by the skin cells to allow them to regenerate faster, revealing a fresh healthy layer or skin with a luminous healthy glow.

The problem is, the ruby laser procedure is expensive, and you will have to travel all the way to Dr. Brandt's office in the US. But now you can experience the similar treatment with the new GLOW by Dr. Brandt. It is an instant illuminating moisturizer that inspired by Dr. Brandt's in-office ruby laser procedure. The day & night moisturizer is formulated with skin illuminators, optical diffusers and micronized ruby crystals to transform light into energy providing a smoother, more even look and a healthy glowing complexion.


1. Boosts skin's ability to reflect light.
2. Minimizes the look of lines & wrinkles.
3. Improves skin texture & tone.
4. Promotes radiance & glow.
5. Restores optimal hydration.
6. Easy to use.
7. Can be used underneath makeups.
8. Reveals new skin by stimulating cell turnover.


1. The day cream does not come with SPF. You need to use another product that has SPF on top of it.
2. Expensive. Well, it is Dr. Brandt, so it is still acceptable.

I've been using the day & night cream religiously since 10th May until now. So it's been 2 weeks. It's quite hard to see any improvement in such a short period of time. But I must admit that my old acne scars are getting lighter. In terms of hydration and fine lines, I can't tell because I have pretty well hydrated skin by drinking a lot of water. And I don't really have obvious fine lines on my face.

The launch of GLOW by Dr. Brandt was held in Selberan few weeks ago. I was quite confused why a skincare brand would have their event in a jewelry show room. Later I realized that Selberan is celebrating their 40th anniversary and the anniversary stone is actually ruby, which is also one of the ingredient in Glow.

Selberan released the Petit Rococo Ruby collection inspired by the elegant and eye catching Selberan Rococo Reimagined collection launched at the end of 2012. The 18th century ornate, decorative style featuring asymmetric compositions with natural motifs and sensuous curves is translated into a charming and feminine range of jewellery made in 18k white and yellow gold, now accented with specially selected, fiery red rubies and diamonds.

Rubies in jewelries are pretty common. But it is my first time experiencing rubies in my skincare. It gives me that luxury factor everytime I put them on my skin. And it is also quite surprising that the micronized rubies are able to transform light into a natural energy that can break dark pigments on the skin, as well as encouraging skin cell growth. Layers of fresh skin cells are able to surface faster with regular application of Glow.

If you're looking for skincare that encourage new skin growth, this is the product you should go after. I think it does it's job by revealing fresh new skin as I can see my old acne scars are getting lighter and lighter.

Price: RM229
Available at Dr. Brandt (The Gardens, BSC, One Utama), Ken's Apothecary (Empire Shopping Gallery, BVII), Sephora (KLCC, Starhill, Paradigm Mall).


LauraLeia said...

Hmm... First time I'm hearing about rubies being used for skincare. Interesting~ :D

Jerine said...

Me too! But it's very nice leh!