May 9, 2013

Malaysia Online Beauty Store HiShop & Become HiShop Beauty Ambassador

I know online shopping is not a new thing to you girls. But do you know that there's a local online beauty shop called HiShop? is an online beauty and cosmetics store that only carries genuine products. It is really accessible as you can browse on their user-friendly site for the items you are looking for, proceed to check out and they will send the items directly to your doorstep. I'm pretty sure all of you already familiar with the online shopping concept. It is pretty much the same.

There are many brands under HiShop, just take a look through their list. My favorites are Antipodes, Jelly Pong Pong, Baviphat, Arty and Stage.

If you don't have anything to buy currently, just sign up for their newsletter on the site. You will get access to their promotions and exclusive offers directly in your mail.

That's not all, if you're a blogger, you can join the HiShop Beauty Ambassador Programme and receive products at your doorstep every month for free! This is my starter pack as I signed up as HiShop Beauty Ambassador...

I'm really satisfied with the content. There are 2 full size items and 2 samples and an extra Milk A Deal voucher.

The full size items are Stage Drama Lash Amplifying Mascara Waterproof and Snail Street Snail AC Trouble Mask.

The Stage Drama Lash Amplifying Mascara Waterproof is my most favorite. Stage is well known of their lash products. I believe this mascara would be super good. I haven't tried it yet. Will write a separate review once I tried it.

Lately, I've been seeing a lot of skincare products that made of snail mucus. It is quite interesting. And I find the Street Snail mask came to me just at the right time because I was thinking of trying some "snail products". Have you all tried any snail stuff yet? Is it good?

I'm so sorry for the lack of update lately. I'm away at the moment with limited internet access. I'm actually in Greece. Please bear with my absence on this blog for awhile. When I return I will buy a little souvenir for you guys. At the mean time, go browse HiShop and see if you like anything from there.


Farisha Nadia said...

That is very interesting! I have a question though, I checked and one of their requirements is to give a blog post title. I'm a little bit confused, do we hv to review a product of theirs first?

Jackie Harrison said...

Cool product going to look into it thx for info.

Jerine said...

@Farisha Nadia: I'm not too sure though. Maybe you can ask the HiShop people? I'm thinking of doing a separate review that leads back to HiShop.

Farisha Nadia said...

Ok, Thanks you :)