May 13, 2013

Monday Mani: The color of Santorini

Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of update. I am still in Greece right now with limited internet. But I can spare some time to show you guys the color of my nails!!!

I painted my nails with OPI My Boyfriend Scales the Wall and an Elianto nail polish in blue. I find that the Elianto blue is the closest to "Greece color". By the way, the background is the Aegean Sea. The view here is wonderful! I will update all about my trip on my travel blog soon.

And here is my manicure!!!

I did a custom french that looks exactly like the chapel behind my villa. I feel like I'm soooooooooo in the mood with this manicure. It is really fun to have a theme manicure during holiday.


Yuh Jiun said...

Wow you're in santorini! Love your nails hehe

LauraLeia said...

It really does match the exact colour of the building! XD Have fun on your trip; wish I could be there too! :D

Unknown said...

very match with the background XD

Sabrina Tajudin said...

WOW! Blogged all the way from Greece! I bet you had a blast there!
your nails is perfect! just suits the scenery!

Jean said...

matching nails! it's really a holiday season now eh? hope you have fun there!

Teng Xwei said...

Enjoy your trip!