May 3, 2013

Mother's Day Gift Guide According to Your Budget

Don't say I don't remind you hor..... Mother's Day is on the 12th. You have enough time to do some shopping for gifts. It is not necessary to buy gifts, but it is nice for her to receive something from you. After all, our moms spent a lot of attention and time bringing up her children (i.e. us). It is a right thing for us to pamper her in this special day that dedicated to celebrate her.

Every time when buying gifts, I am stuck with the budget problem. Do you have the same problem? In the end, I narrow down the possibilities by listing the things that I can afford. And then I will go to the mall and check out the stuff to see if it is really suitable.

Today I'm going to share with you some Mother's Day gift guide according to your income level. Of course, if you earn more, then you will be able to afford a more luxury stuff. But if you have financial restraint, I have pretty good suggestion for you too.

If you're doing pretty well, let's say you earn RM5,000 or more monthly, you might look at these:
1. Hermes Scarf - Every woman deserve an Hermes scarf. Hermes scarf is not just a scarf. It gives the person wearing it an identity of being stylish yet classic. It also shows that the person wearing it is well to do. It gives them a bragging rights that their daughter are doing well too.

2. Dior L'Or de Vie La Creme - This skincare line by Dior is a result of a partnership with Chateau D'Yquem vineyard. It is also a luxury line skincare that target matured skin. Very powerful, very luxurious, very expensive. Buy this for her as a treat because skincare like this are not meant to be use as a staple product.

3. Prada Satin 1930s Monkey Bag - Who doesn't love a Prada bag? I'll choose the Monkey Bag because it is something extraordinary. You wouldn't know it's from Prada. If you know which designer bag your mom eyeing after, then get it for her. I bet she'll be so happy over the moon.

4. Luxury holiday - Do you know which holiday destination your mom loves to go? Even better, send her husband there with her as Father's Day present (for next month). It'll be the best present for your parents. Santorini would be a great choice. The view there is breath-taking.

5. Botox - Make your mom feel young again by erasing all the wrinkles away from her face. Pay for her botox treatment. She'll be amazed with her new look. It is not a mere botox treatment that you're buying her, but you'll buy her new confidence and the joy of being young again.

6. Tiffany & Co. Cultured pearl earrings - Pearl is every mom's best friend. They're elegant and timeless piece of jewelry that every woman deserve. Tiffany & Co would be my pick (although Mikimoto pearls are pretty good as well). I saw this earring in Tiffany last week and I would love to get for my mom. It is a combination of diamond and pearl, a perfect match for my mom who truly deserves it. Unfortunately I don't fall under this group of income level that allows me to splurge for my mom.

If you're in the mid-income range, earning somewhere between RM3,000 to RM5,000...

1. Annick Goutal perfume - The scent is truly something different from ordinary perfumes. Drop by Annick Goutal and test the best scent that represent your mom. She'll smell sophisticated. Everyone she meet will be curious with what fragrance she's wearing because the blend of ingredients of Annick Goutal perfumes are simply work of art.

2. TWG tea ware - Do you mom enjoy afternoon tea? Get her something pretty from TWG, a tea cup, a tea pot, or a tea set that comes with tea leaves. She'll get to enjoy her "me" time at home with pretty tea sets. There are plenty of gift sets in TWG for you to choose from.

3. Sunglasses - Bulgari Flower Cat Eye is so cute for mom. Of course you can buy any sunglasses that suit your mom's facial shape. It would be extremely useful when she's driving. Maybe this just happen for my mom's case. She can never drive without sunglasses during the day.

4. Spa treatment - Although spa is something very common to get for moms, but it is something very practical and you know every mom deserve it. May I suggest Mandara Spa? Mandara Spa service is very good, all the masseurs are professionally trained and the interior is calm and relaxing. You can google for the nearest Mandara Spa from their website. Give her that pampering session, after all being a mom is a tiring job.

5. Guerlain Meteorites Pearl - Mom needs to doll up too! The Guerlain Meteorites Pearl powder is something I wanted to get for my mom for a long time. But being a very stingy daughter, I have not bought it for her. I tried it at Guerlain counter and it was a luxury powder that blends well with the skin and gives that subtle glow.

6. Diptyque candles - I've been raving about Diptyque candles a lot because who doesn't love French artisan scented candles? As an avid scented candle collector, I find that Diptyque candles is something extraordinary. The scent is specially curated from exotic ingredients. The wax has good quality. It can be pricey but it is totally worth it. For moms, get her the Rose, Mimosa or Baies.

If you earn just enough to survive...

1. Cupcakes - Does your mom have a sweet tooth? Treat her with cupcakes. Cakes is something which people get to celebrate, so why not? I totally recommend my friend's cupcake. She's a home baker. Her red velvet is superb. I bought them once and share it with my friends, we didn't have enough. She uses premium ingredients and not stingy with them. The price was really reasonable. I think about RM24 for 12 cupcakes of normal size. She doesn't have a website, but you can reach her on her Facebook. Tell her Jerine recommend.

2. Simple dinner - What cuisine your mom loves? I'm actually thinking of bringing my grandma for a Thai cuisine. Some really nice restaurants are Maison Fracaise, Ee Chinese Cuisine Eastin PJ (the dim sum is awesome!), Ippudo (might have to queue), Sage Restaurant and Bulgogi Brothers.

3. Lipstick - Every woman needs lipstick. Coral color would be the safest. But if your mom has a strong personality, you might want to go for true red. This is what I'm getting for my mom. She doesn't wear makeup much, but she wears lipstick everyday even if she's at home. I'm thinking of getting her the YSL (the packaging is so grand) or maybe Illasmasqua (because the brand is not available in Malaysia).

4. Nail polish - I used to get a lot of nail polish for my mom because she collects nail polish until she opens a nail saloon then I stop getting it for her. Get your mom general colors that she can wear everyday like red, coral or nude to be safe.

5. Hand creams - Take notice how rough and wrinkled our mom's hands became after raising us up. They definitely need some tender loving care. Encourage her to put on handcreams for simple treatment. I recommend L'Occitane, Crabtree & Evelyn and Kiehl's hand cream. They're thick and very effective to provide protection for rough hands.

6. Beauty box - Thank God for beauty box! It makes the process of choosing present a lot easier. I got insider info that WonderBox will be having a Mother's Day Special this month. Subscribe it for your mom and share the joy of receiving beauty box with her.

When it comes to gift for your own mother, it is really mind over matter. No monetary can outweigh your love. Even gift that don't requires money will make your mom really happy. Here are some ideas:

1. Quick massage - Don't have to buy a spa package. Learn how to massage from Youtube and give her some DIY pampering session.

2. Do chores at home - If your mom is the person behind all the chores, do it for her. Wake up early morning and help her with all the housework so she can have a relaxing day.

3. Sing her a song - Entertain her... This would be fun and funny.

Anyway, Happy Mother's Day in advance to all mothers. Remember to pay a little more attention to the most important woman of your life.

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