May 29, 2013

[Review] Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S. Morning Eye Rescue from Organic Grape Water

We all know that grapes are super good for our skin. Well, it is a common fact. But how is it good to our skin? Grapes contains high concentration of antioxidant that prevent oxygen-related enzymes from becoming overreactive. This means that the antioxidant component in grapes help slows down aging process. Eating grapes is definitely a way to consume the nutrients from it. But let's face it, how many tonnes of grapes can you eat without getting bored of it? It is much easier to just apply it on your face don't you think?

Thankfully, Caudalie just launched the S.O.S Morning Eye Rescue. This eye cream is an addition to Caudalie Vinosource line.

What it is?
The eye product that moisturizes, soothes and decongests the fragile eye area in a single gesture. Its tailored, oil-free formula is highly natural (92% of natural origin ingredients) provides a trio of exclusive Caudalie ingredients from the vine and grape. The organic grape water is full of natural active substances. It contains trace elements that reduce skin hyper-reactivity, plus polysaccharides (intelligent sugars), that capture and preserve water inside cells to maintain optimum moisturization. An increase of 127% of hydration and a 61% reduction of skin sensitivity have been observed in clinical tests with volunteers.The results of Organic Grape Water on the skin have been the subject of a scientific publication in the British journal, Cosmetic Science Technology. 

I've tried this product for the past 3 weeks and so far it is doing fine. Although there is no obvious improvement in terms of dark circles and fine lines, but my eye areas are definitely feel more hydrated.

Main ingredients:
White tea, Destran Sulfate and Red Vine


1. It gives that "fresh look" around the eyes instantly. Prevent your eyes looking tired and dull.

2. Eliminates sensitivity around the eye areas such as redness. Hopefully it will reduce my dark circles, but at this moment can't tell just yet.

3. Concentrated and high level of antioxidant content that will prevent aging around the eyes.

4. Unlike other eye creams that contains fillers, Caudalie only uses natural ingredients. Fillers do give fast results, but they're only temporary, the results don't last and may cause side effects. However, Caudalie's ingredients are natural active ingredients that treat the skin problem from the inside.

5.  The texture is silky smooth.

6. Doesn't cause eye seeds because it contains no oil particles.

7. Reasonably priced at RM90 each tube which may last you for 3 months.


It may be a bit hard to shop for Caudalie products as they are only available at Kens Apothecary BV2 and Empire Shopping Gallery. Other than that, the product itself is really amazing that I can't think of any bad thing to mention.

Caudalie also has their own spa which uses Vinotherapy that combines the virtues of naturally warm spring water, rich in minerals and trace elements drawn from more than 540 meters underground, with the latest scientific findings on the benefits of the vine and grapes. Our Vinotherapists’ expert hands will lavish you with exceptional treatments using Caudalie products with anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties. Unfortunately it is not available in Malaysia :(

For more information about Caudalie and their products, do visit their site <<HERE>>. 

***Product is sent in to me for consideration and does not affect my own opinion of the product.

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