May 26, 2013

[Review] The Very First Scalp & Hair Serum in the World... Kerastase Initialiste

I know you're familiar with face/skincare serum. But have you heard of scalp and hair serum before? I bet you don't. Unless you're a Kerastase fan. Recently, Kerastase launched the very first scalp and hair serum that powered by stem-cells research.

What is stem-cells research? It is a scientific research technology where biological cells are used in medicine (in this case, in the serum) to promote regeneration of cells when used on our body. Kerastase Initialiste stem cells are formulated with a native plant cell complex which contains a green tea extract that has demonstrated its ability to help protect the environment of the hair roots.

Application is directly onto the scalp by using the pipette on toweled dry hair. All you need is 2 doses from the pipette for 3 times a week. It is alright if you want to apply it on dry hair, but research shows that the scalp has better absorption power when it is damp.


1. Easy to use. Leave on application.
2. Fast result. Within 2 weeks, you will experience less hair fall. The amount of fall out when I was washing hair is obviously lesser now.
3. Technically, you will also experience healthier scalp. But so far it is very hard to tell.
4. Non-greasy feeling. Absorbs really fast. 


1. Expensive. RM180 per bottle which will last you for one and half month.
2. Only available in certain hair saloons that carries Kerastase.
3. It is hard to apply uniformly throughout the whole head. Sometimes I'm not sure if the back of my head gets it. Maybe the way I apply it is not expert enough.

I really love the texture. Unlike other hair products, which comes in mousse, cream or spray, the Initialiste comes in serum texture. It absorbs really fast.

Oh, did I mention that it smells super great. It has a very familiar refreshing smell, which I later found out it smells exactly like the Benefit B.Right moisturizer!!!

If you want a healthier hair from inside out, you should try the Initialiste. Within two weeks you will see less of hair fall out. And by a month, your hair texture will be less coarse and easier to manage.

***Product is sent in to me for consideration and does not affect my own opinion of the product.


Charlotte Goh said...

This sounds amazing! I've been loving their Elixir Ultime.. might consider trying this as well, since I've been experiencing scary hairfall recently :(

Yuh Jiun said...

Wahhhhh expensive T_T will try it when I got money hahaha

Jerine said...

But it's worth the money!