Ciate Chalkboard Nails

I have never been so excited over nail product before!!!! Ciate just released their new Chalkboard Nails set.

The Chalkboard Nails Set comes in a kit that consist of 1 chalkboard paint, 4 neon color pens for doodles and a matte top coat.

Basically, you can doodle anything, any design you want on your nails with the neon pens. I wish they have more colors for the pen though.

I already know what I want to draw on my nails. I want to draw a donkey, an elephant, dolphin and a dick. Hahahahaha... Just kidding.

Really can't wait for this to arrive Malaysia. Are you getting it???


Constance Ant said…
this is really interesting!

i will have chalkboard paint on one of my kitchen cabinet of my future house! so that i can scribble something on like recipe or things-to-buy stuff liddat :D
Caroline said…
wow!! so amazing!! i wanna try this too!! :D
Choi Yen said…
Although I'm not good in drawing but this really sound cool!
Unknown said…
Wow, thats cool!!! something new to try. Now I'm axcited. =D
LeeAnne said…
is looks interesting...can't wait arrive here..