Jun 9, 2013

Mircoz Lip Perfect & Q10 Brightening Mask from HiShop

Have you got yourself acquaint with HiShop yet? HiShop is Malaysia's very own online beauty store that only carries genuine products. Today I want to review some Mircoz products from the HiShop.

The first one is the Mircoz Lip Perfect.

The packaging itself is like a pandora box, layer by layer it reveals the product.

This is a multi-benefit product. It is a lip tint, lip gloss, and lip treatment all in a dual-ended tube. The white side is the lip tint which they call lip essence, whereas the pink side is the lipgloss also known as lip pink.

The two sides of the product have different benefit of usage. You have to put on the essence first and then follow up with the lipgloss. The lip essence enhance natural lip color and at the same time moisturize your lips so they don't appear chapped and dry. Meanwhile, the lip pink works like other lipglosses. It provides hydration and also plump up your lips. The first step is to put on the lip essence first, and then lip gloss on top.

I personally prefer the lip essence more than the lip pink. I don't have a habit of wearing lipglosses because they're sticky and irritates me a lot when my hair get stuck on it. This is no different with the lip pink. However, the lip essence works more like a lip treatment which I can put on before going to bed or at anytime when I'm not applying any lip product. The lip essence is very convenient to use and provides instant result. I wish there is more of the lip essence in the tube than the lip pink.

As much as I love this Lip Perfect, I think it is a little bit expensive. The full price of this product is RM119. However, if you shop this at HiShop, you will receive some points which you can redeem other products. Right now HiShop is having promotion for Mircoz products, so do check it out.

The next product is the Q10 Brightening Mask.

From holding the package itself, I can tell that the sheet mask is very thick and saturated with a lot of mask serum in it. It is compact and heavy.

This Q10 Brightening Mask is not cheap as well. One sheet cost RM35, which is very expensive for a sheet mask. But judging from the result, it is worth it. Other masks only provides the short comfort while you putting it on and don't really deliver the result. But the Q10 Brightening Mask do provides what they promised - brightening, pore tightening, moisturising, firming and lifting. Not sure about the anti-aging part though.

The sheet is made of silicone and you're suppose to put on the plastic-lookalike sheet on top of the silicone mask. It is super troublesome and slides down easily. This is the type of mask you're suppose to put on while lying on the bed.

If you're going to shop at HiShop, use code HISURPRISE to receive a RM20 rebate.

Some people ask me why bother to shop for beauty products online when we can't test it. The whole online shopping experience rely highly on trust. That is why it is recommended that you shop with reputable online stores instead of some unknown online stores that you hardly heard of. For example, HiShop has return policy and they review each cases according to your complain. You will either get a replacement of new product, cash return or points added to your account. Satisfaction is guaranteed when you shop with HiShop.

Meanwhile, HiShop has a point system where you can use for future transaction. Each RM1 you spent will entitled you 1 point. The points collected can redeem a new product. If you shop in a physical store, you probably have to sign up different brand loyalty program and accumulate your points separately. How much can you accumulate that way? By having all the beauty brands under one roof in HiShop, you can cross reference your points with other brands. For example, when you get your points from buying Arty Professional products, the points can be used to redeem Yadah products.

By the way, if you are a blogger, do sign up for HiShop Ambassador Program. Each month they will send you products for review. On top of that, you can accumulate points for each review. At the moment, I don't know what is the value of the points. But I guess in the future you can redeem the products from the points or maybe you can cash out some money?


LauraLeia said...

Oooh, the lip essence/lip pink looks like a nice product! :D I remember trying out something similar at one of the shopping malls, but can't recall if it's the same thing.

Debs said...

Thanks for the heads up. This looks like a great purchase. Love the mask lol.

Camy said...

the mask like so small leh

Sabrina Tajudin said...

mircoz is kinda nice brand. im loving the nail buffer. super fast and effective!

bendan said...

Wow, I got lip stain too but Jelly Pong pong's XD
Feels like trying Microz too!