Jun 4, 2013

Monday Mask: Timeless Truth Instantanous Brightening Cooling Mask

Oh, it's Tuesday already? But it's still Monday in the US, so please excuse my title. These masks are sent in by Timeless Truth for review. I meant to post it up earlier but I want to use up all the three masks to get to know the product better. And now, here it is....

The Timeless Truth (TT) Instantaneous Brightening Cooling Mask is from the moisturizing category. It has STAY-C 50 ingredients which reduce dark spots and build blockage for UV. It brightens skin complexion instantly. Another key ingredient of this mask is hyaluronic acid which provides hydration to the skin.

Unlike other brands, TT Masks is made of weaved sheet that has higher absorption power than other sheet masks.

For a more cooling effect, I placed the mask in the fridge for at least half hour before application. It feels so much nicer to apply cold mask, it feels really relaxing.

Before I put on my sheet masks, there are a few things that I do. First, I will scrub my face with exfoliator. This is to remove all the impurities in my pores. If the pores are stuck, chances are the mask serum won't be fully absorbed into your skin. And then I will apply my toner as usual. Don't under estimate the power of toner. It actually moisten your skin and allows subsequent skincare to penetrate into the skin easier. Normally I will follow up with serum, but in this case I skipped the serum because I want to fully test out the capability of these masks.

I will list down what I love about this mask:

1. The mask sheet is super thick, but at the same time I feel that my skin is breathable underneath.
2. The cooling effect makes it a perfect mask to be worn after a tired day. It instantly sooth my tired mind and gives the relaxing factor.
3. After application, my skin feels so soft and has that toink toink effect. It does brighten the skin immediately, but at the same time scares me because of my dark circles.

As for the spot reduce promise, I can't seem to see any difference on my dark pigments. Maybe I need a frequent usage before it can remove my dark spots completely.

Do I look like a pedo?

Timeless Truth Masks are available in Mask Slim shops nationwide. But if you want to buy directly from their web, you can do so on http://ttmask.my/.

I'm also interested to get their breast mask. Will try that later and let you guys know how it goes *wink*.


LauraLeia said...

Putting the mask in the fridge is the best thing ever!! Err... I wouldn't say you look like a pedo lah. XD I mean, everyone looks scary while having a mask sheet on their face kan? XD

Voneats said...

Hahahahahaaa.... Pedo Hahahahaa

Nydia Anies said...

B.Liv also nice. Instant brightening effect. :)