Jun 15, 2013

Tips to have Korean lip

Hello. I'm Wenxy the lucky girl who won the naked basic palette from this excellent beauty blog. It's really my honor and pleasure to have the chance to share this post to you guys. Thanks Jerine who gave me this precious chance to contribute in her blog, thanks for your trust so much !It's my first ever beauty-kind-of post in my life. Hope you guys like it.

I would like to apologize first because I'm having allergic now so I'm kinda piss off while taking picture of this post, and i'd promise Jerine to post this by today. Sorry Jerine for the not perfect blog post and sorry to you guys too.

Back to the topic. Tips to have Korean lips. Now the whole world are trending Oppa oppa as well as Malaysian, we do love their drama, songs, food and especially , THEIR STYLE.
Just wonder why whatever thing they worn , it will be fashion and must be look very nice. WEH?!
To be look like a korean. There's the very very important part, which is ------  the lips.

See? They own a very innocent, cute and small lips. 
1st, we must have a moisture lips and no crack all those thing happen on our lips
I have a very very dry lips and I used to bleed when it is really serious.

Can you imagine this kind of lips can transform into a Korean a-like lips?? Uh ah ~ But i will show you how later.

Before going to the bed, I applied a thick layer of Kiehl's Lip Balm on my lips.
This bottle only cost RM35 and I feel it never finish. I'd used it for half year and it still remain 3/5 bottle
It's really moisture somehow it will be very irritating during your sleep because you'll feel sticky.
However, the next day you wake up, you will see a smoothly soft lips.

These are the items I'm going to use.
From the left
1. Stylenanda 3ce Lip stick - Glass Red
2. Benefit Cha cha tint
3. Etude house lip concealer
4. Stylenanda 3ce Lip pigment - Bright Orange
5. Stylenanda 3ce Lip pigment - Mellow Pink

For people who have dark lips like me, I recommend you to conceal the whole lips.
Apply the lip concealer all over the lips to balance out the color of your lip.

 I'm using Iphone front camera , sorry for the quality

conceal the lips like applying lipstick

For Etude house lip concealer, I feel that it's very dry, not really suitable for person who have dry lips like me, even thought I'd applied my lips with lip balm throughout the night and my lips look good in the morning, however, after I applied the concealer, dry lips appear again. So i'm actually looking for a better lip concealer. Any recommend please let me know ya.

P/s:I will reapplied the lip balm again and again to make it looks better.

 After that I'll apply the lipstick on the middle of lips. Don't apply the whole lips * only middle part *
3ce lipstick is really moisture, it even can even my lips although it was already cracked like earthquake happend.
and here's the outcome

Taa - daa, innocent lips DONE

2nd option if you doesn't feel like apply the concealer throughout the whole lips
you can apply it around your lips. the corner part of the lips.

Apply at the corner part and pat it with your finger until it blend nicely
apply w/ Stylenanda lip pigment ( mix both )

3rd option, you can applied the cha cha tint as well. Just it's too easy to stained
this is the picture when I applied cha cha tint

Not matter what kind of lips product, what kind of color u have, it doesn't matter
The way how you applied it is very important. You can have a try with your own lipstick.
Now you see the important of lip concealer to look like a Korean lips ;)

If you are curious of the look if didn't use the concealar. Here it is and make sure you won't laugh..hahaha

One lipstick and you can create a lots of style you want. Sexy red or natural nude? it depends on you.

Here's the picture I get from Stylenanda's website. The lip pigment is seriously awesome and can create thousand of looks if you own all of them.
The texture is very nice, it just like you ate chocolate and the chocolate stained on your lips *what description is this*  and it can last all day for me

It come with a small tube can you can apply it with your finger or lip brush.  * Strongly recommend*
Their lipsticks are nice though. I really love the texture, just I only bought one when my friends traveled to Korea. I'm going to top up more as I've used quite some of their products and really nice.
If anyone who is interest to buy Stylenanda 3ce product can email me. wenxiankhor@hotmail.com

So, here's it the half tutorial and half product review of the day. Thank you for reading.
Thanks Jerine ! <333


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Sabrina Tajudin said...

Hi Wenxy!
Great tips! Love how that product can be mix to our own preferred color!

Keryicanboleh said...

This is awesome! Thanks for the tip!