Aug 21, 2013

Product Empties August 2013

I didn't bother to do "product empties" post because my product finish up so slow.... like one product in a month. Surprisingly this month I have so much empties to show you all. Everything finish up just when I'm at the most broke. Great! Nature just has its way to punish me financially like that...

1. Kiehl's Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner
I bought this in July last year and finally I've used up every single drop. This is the 500ml size and I must say, if you're looking for effective, high-end brand toner at the cheapest price, grab this!!! I paid RM210 for it and it lasted me for 13 months!!!!! That's like only RM16 each month. Price aside, I really love this toner because it is calming and doesn't irritate the skin. It is one of those basic product that works really well. Totally recommending this to everyone.

2. Ma Cherie Air Feel Conditioner

You guys seen this on my "Things I really use: Hair Products" post. As the name suggest, it leaves your hair soft and fluffy. However, I wouldn't recommend this to people who have hair concerns because the conditioner really don't help in anyway except giving that light weight air feel. If you have frizzy hair, hair loss, brittle hair, etc. it is best to look for another range of Ma Cherie product, which is the moisturizer range.

3. Dr. Brandt GLOW Ruby Crystal Retinol Hydracreme (Review here)

Behind the scene, this is one hell of a huge scientific developed product. The special ingredient in this is the real ruby. This is a day cream & night cream all together in a set. I'm not sure if they sell it separately, but I only seen it being sold in set. I really hope they sell it separately because I like the day cream one better than the night cream. Although both the products are formulated with similar ingredients, I find the day cream is more effective than the night cream. And the day cream has more ruby particles in it. I scrutinized both the cream so closely that I can tell the difference.

4. Anna Sui Luxury Face Powder

I super love this loose powder to set my makeup. It has tiny little pearl powder that make your face glow instantly. It is perfect finish when you need to photograph. The pearl particles highlight your face instantly. You don't actually need to put on highlighter when applying this. Amazing right? And it sets your makeup nicely. It doesn't clog pores, don't break out, and don't make your skin oily.

5. M.A.C. Pro Longwear SPF10 Foundation

I must admit that there are much better foundations in the market compared to the one from MAC. However, I'm sticking to this because I can never find any other foundation that suit my weird skin color. I am neither yellow tone, neither fair, neither warm tone, I'm just weird like that. But I am able to tell you that I'm NC30. This is why after trying so many other brands of foundation, I always come back to MAC. It works just find. Down side, just needed some setting powder to get that flawless look, which I don't mind.

6. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (Review here)

There is no dispute that this is a miracle water that gives you crystal clear skin. However, one turn off is that it is so pricey! Despite making so much money from this best seller, SK-II is not doing any good by increasing the price every year. My solution is to put it on alternate days, or put it on just at night to prolong not buying a new bottle so fast. If you can afford it, I would say go for it. It helps reduce pore size (so far the only skincare product that is truly able to do that).

7. Essence mascaras

I bought them while on sale. It was like RM3 per mascara. How could I resist? I have nothing to complain about the mascara and at the same time, I wouldn't repurchase it again. Simply because there are better mascaras out there that fit me. I don't really like the wand, especially the one with silver tube. Other than that, it is a pretty okay mascara.

8. Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S. Morning Eye Rescue (Review here)

Speaking of repurchasing, this one is worth repurchasing. It works wonder to reduce puffiness, and provide instant hydration around the eye area. I would recommend this to put underneath your makeup to prevent wrinkles. However, this is not a treatment product per se. It is more of a preventative product. It doesn't treat any existing problem you have, i.e. dark circles or wrinkles. Overall, I think it is a good day eye cream as base underneath makeup. My eye area feel so refresh after putting it on for awhile.

Anyway, have you tried any of the product above? By the way, do you like posts like this or do you enjoy separate review post of each product? Do let me know ya...


Teng Xwei said...

I love this much morethan the separate review post!! Can I know which brand of base can help to matte my oily skin and last long

Jerine said...

@íм χшËî : Glad to know that. I prefer writing these kind of post 'cos I can get straight to the point. Hmmmm... I hardly use base. But I do have recommendation for good matte moisturizer - Juice Beauty and Kiehl's. I use moisturizer as base.