Aug 31, 2013

Shiseido Eudermine: The Oldest Skincare in the Market

Selamat Hari Merdeka to all my homies!!!!!! How did you all celebrate our Independence Day? Initially I planned to go to Dataran Merdeka for count down. But I had no idea where to park my car. Besides, it's a bit dangerous for us girls to go out so late at night recently. So I stayed at home, had pizza party and played Jutaria (Malaysian version of Monopoly).

Today I want to share with you all this skincare product that has been in the market for the past 116 years!!!!

The Shiseido Eudermine is notably the oldest skincare in the beauty market. According to the sales person, the ingredients and formula of the product hasn't change since the first time they came up with it. If something that has been in the shelf for decades and still remain a star product until today, you'll know that this is a good stuff.

Don't get mistaken with toner. The Eudermine might mistakenly known as toner, but in fact, it is a revitalizing essence. The texture is much silkier than toner. You normally apply this after toner directly to your skin or using cotton. It works similarly as the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence.


1. Maintain hydration and moisture level on the skin better than moisturizer.
2. It doesn't cause irritation and treat the skin mildly.
3. Unclog pores and minimize the appearance of pores.
4. The bottle is sooooo pretty! (I'm a sucker for packaging)


1. Expensive. Anyway, this is no surprise since it is from a high end brand.
2. Contain perfume. For those who has allergy to perfume/alcohol, better do a test try before purchasing the full size.

Let's talk about packaging. I admit, when I first bought it, 50% of my decision was made based on its super elegant bottle. When I brought it home, I realized "Hey... this looks like a prayer tablet!". So I made an alter out of it...

I heard a lot of stories where some people can't take the SK-II FTE. Anyway, I think this is a good alternative product for SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. To be honest, this product is more of a luxury than a staple product. If you can afford it, it is good to have it. If you can't then there's nothing much that you miss because there are cheaper products out there that can do the same thing. As for me, I wouldn't immediately repurchase after I finish this bottle because it does hurt the pocket a little bit. But if I have extra cash, I really don't mind stocking it up. I hope I make sense.

Well, have a great weekend ahead!


Nydia Anies said...

how much it cost per bottle?

Jerine said...

@Nydia: I actually can't remember the price that's why I didn't put it up. But I think it is around RM150?

Hana Shin said...

Is it okey for oily skin person to use it?