Aug 30, 2013

Things I Really Use: Products for Body

I've been wanting to continue my "Things I really use" series which I show  you guys the stuff that I use on a daily basis. These are the products that I cannot live without. Previously, I've talked about hair products and makeup products, so today I'm going to show you all what I use on my body everyday...

1. Johnson's pH5.5 Nourishing Body Wash with Almond Oil

I've been using the pH5.5 body wash since the first day J&J launched it. At first I thought this is just a staple product to have because I've been using it for a long time. After so many people asked me what I use on my skin 'cos it's so soft, then I think it must be this body wash. Hahaha... Anyway, for everyday use, this body wash is absolutely great, not pricey and easily available.

2. Soap & Glory Scrub of Your Life

I've tried 3 different Soap & Glory body scrub, this is the best from the brand. The exfoliating agent are made of tiny round balls so they don't lacerate your skin. They don't melt so you can use a small amount on large area. Unlike some other exfoliating agent that made of sugar or salt, they melt before you can even scrub your skin properly. The gel base is very thick. And the smell is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The result is also amazing. The skin feels smooth and all the bumps just disappear.

3. Korres Body Butter

I wasn't a fan of body lotion/butter because of the sticky feeling really irks me. One day, I had no choice but to apply something because my skin got dry from winter wind. I found the sample of this in my makeup bag and immediately fell in love with it. Very rarely I purchase a full size from trying those sachet samples. Trust me, this one is amazing. The texture is thick but non-sticky. Once applied on the skin, it feels like it just melted on to the skin and disappeared. It moisturized the skin in just one application.

4. The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Shower Gel

Sometimes when I'm bored with the J&J smell, I will switch to this for the nice scent. The peach smell is so sweet and nice. It feels like having aroma therapy while showering. Other than that, I think The Body Shop body wash is just okay. I personally think it doesn't give any skin improvement other than smelling great. By the way, this scent is the limited edition from .......... so it is no longer available on the shelf.

5. Elie Saab Le Parfum (review here)

This is the scent I wear most of the time. Although I have 29 other perfumes, this is my most favorite. It smells very feminine and it has the sweet floral scent that lingers around.

6. Nivea Energy Fresh Anti-Perspirant

Must use this if I'm going out during the day. I don't know if I have BO but just as precaution. I like how it stays dry the entire day and I perspire less. It's a good thing to put on if you don't want to have that patch on sweat under your arm. I used to use the spray one but it is so inconvenient. If you hold too close, your arms will look super white and if you hold too far, the deodorant won't cover your underarms sufficiently. So, I recommend the roller one. Easier to use.

I think I'm quite a minimalist when it comes to products for body. Although I have plenty of stuff to use, I'll always stick to those only. The next "Things I really use" will be on skincare. I have a lot to share on that one.


Swee san said...

oh elie saab perfum is one of my fave!!

Teng Xwei said...

I use the scrub of your life too! I love the smell but other says flake away is better.