Sep 25, 2013

4 Things From Maybelline

When it comes to drugstore brand makeups, I always go for Maybelline as compared to other brands. I think it is a trustworthy brand and it is also cheap! But of course sometimes there are some products from Maybelline that I don't like. Read on and see if the products above are worth spending your money on. I will review it as it is, so you'll get an overview whether the product suits you or not.

1. The Rocket Volum' Express mascara

This is a very good everyday mascara. It does a good job in volume the lashes. Not clumpy, waterproof, and easy to remove with just warm water. However, if you want mascara that lengthen your lashes, this might not be the one. I don't see my lash getting any longer after using it. It really isn't a bad thing because after all it didn't claim to be for lengthening. Whether it is expensive or cheap, it depends when you buy it. I bought it at close to RM40. Few days later, they had sale for RM17+. Quite a sad case for me. Anyway, Maybelline have sale a few times a year. Do stock up when it is cheap.

Worth trying. I think this mascara can easily win many hearts.

2. Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner

I have a love-hate relationship with this eyeliner. The thing that I love about it is the fine tips. It can make really fine lines that no other liquid liner can. At the same time, I also hate the fine line because it is too soft and it is hard to control. You need a really steady hand to use this. If you're a beginner with liquid eyeliner you should skip this. It is really hard to use. Other than that, it's pretty much a workable eyeliner.

Get it if you're an expert in liquid eyeliner and want a thin fine line, otherwise skip this for ease of your mind.

3. Angelfit Flawless Natural Liquid Foundation

The shade that I got for this is W02 which is the exact tone of my skin. For liquid foundation it is much better to get a tone darker so it covers up your dark eye circles, pigmentation and your face tone will look the same as your neck. In this case, the foundation makes me look like a ghost. I didn't buy this, it was given to me by Marie Claire during one of the interview I had with them. Despite the wrong tone, I actually love this foundation. It blends really well, lightweight, not streaky and looks like a better layer of your skin. However, I've experiment this with photographs and it looks horrible in photos. It reflects light too much and make my face look like a disco ball. It doesn't work either when I set it with matte powder.

Do get this for everyday use, but not when you need to take photos. For a more photogenic foundation, try Smashbox Studio Skin or Makeup Forever HD Foundation. 

4. Colorsensational Lipstick

Of all the 4 products, this is the one that I don't have a single problem with. I love it!!! The color 525 Peachy Scene is so good for everyday wear. It's a coral, summery peach color that suits every skintone. It has a slight frosty finish. As far as I concern, it doesn't dry the lips. Because it is pretty affordable and easily available, I put this in my purse so I don't get too much heartache when I lose it.

If you use lipstick, get it! It comes with a dozen of other shades. I'm considering of getting a red one.

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