Sep 20, 2013

Back to M.A.C. Recycle/Reuse Program + 1 Free Lipstick

If you're a loyal customer of M.A.C. you probably already know about Back To M.A.C. program, then this post serves you as a reminder to keep all your M.A.C. packaging. If you don't know about it, M.A.C. has a recycle/reuse program in their stores worldwide. Collect 6 (six) empty M.A.C. primary packaging (this excludes limited edition packaging & discontinued packaging) and receive a free complimentary full size lipstick.

I almost forgotten about the program. When recently visited M.A.C. the sales girl reminded me, so I got home and dig out all the previous empty containers that I have...

With the six empty container that I found somewhere in my storage, I exchanged for my choice of lipstick...

I picked up the shade Angel from the Frost range. If you're not familiar with M.A.C. lipstick range, they have matte, which obviously mean lipstick with matte texture... and cremesheen, which has more moisture in it... lastly, the frost range which has texture in between matte and cremesheen.

The color Angel is a pink based nude. It is a neutral pink, neither blue nor orange undertone, so it is perfect for any skin color. If you're looking for a nude lipstick that don't look too pale, this is the color to go for. In terms of longevity, I don't actually prefer M.A.C. lipsticks. They're just ok to use. Nothing too fantastic to shout about. But the color range is definitely going to spoil you with too many choices.

Remember to keep all your M.A.C. containers to exchange for your free lipstick. Trick is.... use the makeup products that don't last long, such as mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, foundation and makeup remover from M.A.C. so you can collect the six empty containers in no time. Haha.... But that ain't cost effective, though.


Fiona @ Street Love said...

That's a lot of MAC foundie :). I'm in the midst of collecting 6 empty container too

Nydia Anies said...

the color suits u well. nice.. :)

Jerine said...

@Fiona: I have 3 empty ones. Need 3 more for another lipstick.

@Nydia: The color actually very universal. Suit all skin tone.