Sep 6, 2013

Bloop Candy Lipstick (309) from HiShop

Of all the stuff that HiShop sent to me, this one is the one that I'm really going to use often. It is the Bloop lipstick in the color 309. Who doesn't need another tube of lipstick? Well, I can never have enough of it.

The color I have is in 309 (I seriously wish they have more flattering name for their shades. I hate number coded shades). I'll attempt to describe the color... It is somehow close to Tea Rose (Estee Lauder) shade, but more vibrant. The color is from the pink family with muted tone. It is more of a day wear lipstick than a night color. Below is the swatch, which looks lighter than it suppose to be.

Texture: Creamy
Finish: Semi-matte
Longevity: Approximately 3 hours
Pigmentation: High

Please excuse me for my "home wear" in the photo below. This is how it looks on me:

What I love about it is that the color last really long. It is super easy to glide one and really easy to wear. Although it suppose to lustre shinny, but I find that it has a bit of the matte side. It is weird, but it is good because you'll get the best of both world.

What I don't like about it is the packaging. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the packaging, so don't get me wrong. The plastic and pink packaging looks more suitable for younger crowd. From its name "Candy Lipstick" it already suggested that this product is made for younger girls. Other than that, the product itself is really good.

The Bloop Candy Lipstick comes in 9 different shades. Do check out HiShop for their other available colors. And if you're going to purchase from HiShop, use the code BLOOP20 and receive 20% discount on all Bloop products! Valid until 30th September 2013.


LauraLeia said...

The colour looks really nice! Definitely a daytime everyday shade. :)

shikee said...

This color really suits you! <3