Sep 3, 2013

Clear Makeup Storage

I know everyone is so in love with clear makeup storage recently. All thanks to Kim Kardashian who popularized the fashion of clear makeup storage. Despite how much everyone hates her, I still adore her sense of fashion and whatever she has, I want it!

Well, Kim's makeup storage is seriously huge! Since I'm going for the "minimalist" effort now, I left very little makeup on my vanity. So this one is just right for me:

The compartments of the storage fit all my daily makeup products perfectly. As you can see the right side holds my brushes, mascara, and lipsticks. The left side is where I put my palette, foundation and larger items. While the bottom drawer fits my compact and bronzer. The top shelf and the bottom are totally separated. You can stack them up or put them in different places or however you want it to be.

This clear storage is actually sent in to me by a reader. Thank you so much Nydia!!!! I love it so much. It sits on my table without taking up too much of space and yet holds all my daily necessities in one spot! This is one of the most convenient thing to have. 

For those of you who wants it, you can contact Nydia at or Whatsapp her: 012 6224323. The price is only RM50 including postage, which is super affordable compared to the one at Muji. 

And here is the rest of my other storage...

The clear ring holder tray is actually DIY from the Ferrero Rocher box. You can check it out <<here>>. It displays all my statement rings nicely and it's completely free!!! 

I put all my perfume miniatures into a clear salad bowl. I can't remember where I got the salad bowl from, but I'm sure you can get it anywhere and it is not expensive at all. I think I bought it at RM9.90. To display all the perfume miniatures on the table would take up a lot of space, so I just chuck all of it into this bowl. Surprisingly, they look so pretty in it.

I got this clear platform from Muji to put all my perfumes. As you can see, it is not that sturdy as it is sinking in the middle. I can't figure out what to put at the bottom space so I just leave it empty.

Few months ago I showed you guys my nail polish stand <<here>> and I still have it at the exact spot. I got this from a shop which sells all the boutique supplies at Jalan Loke Yew. I don't think the shop has a signboard and it is one of those shops which you don't really pay notice. It is less than RM50.

Anyway, are you into the clear makeup storage trend? Where do you buy your storage? Show me your photo. I really want to get more of these clear acrylic storage to fit some other stuff that I have.


Constance Ant said...

my storage are all free one too, i used a fancy mooncake box to store my blusher/palette/foundation. then a cup for my mascara and another clear cup for my lip gloss/lipstick :D. nail polishes are in the Danish butter cookies steel round container hehehehe. i memang love collecting boxes la :P

Caroline said...

Oh I love Kim Kardashian! Alright maybe I should say I enjoy watching the Keeping Up With The Kardashians! :D love how you arranged ur cosmetic and stuffs! ^^

Swee San said...

ot it looks great! I wanna get one of the clear ones too

Sabrina Tajudin said...

I love how you store your miniature perfume all in one in the salad bowl! looks nice!

Carolyn Tay said...

Is that mac contour?? I have the same one >.<

choulyin.tan said...

wah the nail polish collection! I should do a blog post too about where I keep my cosmetics and how I keep it :p mostly in the tier rack

ahlost said...

Wooaahh. so neat.. Mine i don't use much.. but I don't know why .. they're just too messy.. hahahaha !!

Bri said...

Very tidy unlike mine hehe. How much make up does one person need ha ha