Sep 11, 2013

Have Split Ends? Try Ma Cherie End Cure Milk

I always try to keep my hair products minimum. You all seen it how few products I use on my hair in "Things I really use". As my hair grow longer, it gets really hard to manage my rebellious hair. I get split ends. And the worse case is when my split ends get split ends!

Why we have split ends?
Our hair works like any part of our body. It needs nutrient to survive and it gets the nutrient from the roots of our hair. The nutrient travels to the edge/tips of the hair. If you have lack of nutrient, that's when the end of your hair turns brittle. The bad news is, it is not enough for us to rely on our food consumption for the nutrient. On the other hand, the good news, we can rely on external sources for the nutrient. This is why we go for treatments, apply hair oil, washing our hair with effective products, etc.

With so many products in the market, it is really confusing to choose which one suits you most. If you're looking for a product that specifically treats the split ends, the Ma Cherie End Cure Milk is what you need.

What it does?
This is not just a preventative product, but it is also a treatment product. It has dual function - to protect your hair from getting split ends in the future and also treat your existing split ends by repairing it.

How to apply?
Application is really simple. Just apply it on dry hair or semi-dry hair. There's no need to rinse of, just leave it on. Apply as needed on the end of your hair. Like every other Ma Cherie products, it smells so nice! It has that fruity floral smell that lingers.

By the way, if you purchase RM60 & above of Ma Cherie products in a single receipt at Guardian, you will receive their Pink Lady Umbrella for free. I got this awhile ago. I'm not too sure if they still have stock for it. But no harm to drop by Guardian to check it out...

Ma Cherie products are available at Guardian and Wellness Aeon (Jusco) outlets. The End Cure Milk cos RM39.90 for 100g.


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How to Cure Split Ends said...

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