Sep 10, 2013

Nip + Fab Frown Fix - Results in 10 Minutes, Too Good To Be True?

I've always tell you guys - this product works! And that product works! For a change, let's talk about the product that doesn't work on me. That is, the Nip + Fab Frown Fix.

What is this?
A concentrate formula that instantly plumps + smoothes the appearance of expression lines, fine lines + wrinkles. It suppose to show amazing results in just 10 minutes. It is an instant filler for fine lines and works temporarily to cover up giving the appearance of flawless skin.

Amino acids to smooth + minimise the look of expression lines
Purslane to hydrates + plumps
Centella to reduce visible fine lines

How to use:
Brush directly on clean skin to target expression lines around eyes, forehead + mouth.

Why this product doesn't work on me?
This is the Best Beauty Buys product nominated by Women's Weekly as their 2013 winner. And a lot of beauty guru been raving about it on their blogs, so I thought I should give it a try.

Unfortunately, this just don't work on my at all. I only tried it underneath my eyes and at the corner of my eyes where there are visible lines. After applying it as directed, I waited for 10 minutes there wasn't any sign of lines reduction. And then I waited for another 20 minutes, there's totally no changes at all. I made several other test where I put generous amount, little amount, apply it with fingers, apply it underneath eye cream, above eye cream and so on. But all my test failed. I don't see a single line being camouflage away.

I conclude that, this probably don't work on me because I have deep lines and not just fine lines. However, if it doesn't work on me, it might work on you or someone else. If you watch a live demo from <<this link>> it actually works. So, I guess this product do have it's potential. The problem lies on my and not the product itself.

Where to buy?
From Luxola


LauraLeia said...

Hmm... How does it compare to Sampar's Glamour Shot Eyes? Seems like a pretty similar product.

Jerine said...

@LauraLeia: I've never tried the Sampar one. I don't really like this one so I guess I'll just stick to the normal eyecream treatment