Sep 23, 2013

Yes! Nurse's Hand Formula Heavy Duty Hand Cream

In terms of beauty, which part of your body which you neglect the most? For me, it's always my hands. I didn't really pay a lot attention to my hands even though I work a lot, especially when I'm in the shop or when I go down to estate. Realize I hardly blog these days? It's all because my workload is really crazy lately. This Yes! Nurse's Hand Formula comes in time:

This product is actually developed for busy nurses' hands that need lots of TLC. I really like concept brands like this. It's cute and fun at the same time. Application is really easy... Squeeze a pea size on your palm and spread it out evenly.

The texture is so thick but surprisingly not yucky. You will feel a layer of instant protection and after awhile, that feeling wear off, leaving it matte.

What is so special about this handcream is its natural ingredients:

Originally from UK, right now the Yes! Nurse's Hand Formula is available at HiShop for only RM29.90 (50ml). You can get it from <<here>>.

Now you can have TLC hands like a nurse!

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