Oct 6, 2013

Anna Sui Loose Compact Powder Now in Travel Size

Before this I had huge dilemma when I travel. I need my Anna Sui loose powder because it sets my makeup and last all day long. The product itself is really useful for travel or busy day. But its case was pain in the ass to bring around. The cover has no lock and the powder runs everywhere. Because I love it so much and had to bring it with me, I stuff a lot of tissue paper in the loose powder case so they don't run, and then I secure the lid with few strands of rubber band. This is the part I hate the most about traveling.

Finally, I don't have to do that tedious stuff again. Anna Sui finally came out with a travel-friendly case for their loose powder.

The case and the loose powder are sold separately. The case cost RM39. Like all other Anna Sui packaging, the case has an elegant touch with embossed art nouveau details. Meanwhile, the loose powder itself cost RM122. The powder is covered with a silicon film so the powder don't spill out.

Although it is convenient and travel-friendly, this is actually much more expensive than the normal packaging ones. Let's do the math:

Loose powder refill
RM122 = 3g
1g = RM40.60

Normal loose powder
RM169 = 25g
1g = RM6.76

The travel refill loose powder is actually SIX TIMES MORE EXPENSIVE!!!!

To be honest, I find the price difference is really ridiculous. I will buy the normal loose powder for daily use and only purchase the refill when I need to travel with it. After all, the loose powder last all day, there is no need to touch up, so you really don't need to bring it out every day.

Get it for convenience sake. But for cost effective, go for the normal loose powder that comes in a jar casing. If you haven't tried Anna Sui loose powder before, do get it. You'll appreciate it since it is long lasting and gives a flawless look. Try the blue powder to start with. If you love it, then go for the one with pearl particles in it.

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LauraLeia said...

Woah! The price difference is crazy! :O