Oct 20, 2013

Kiss Me Sunway Lagoon Challenge

[Pic heavy post]

Last week I blindly agreed to my friend to attend an event which he introduced to me as "A Kiss Me Event". Throughout my blogging history, all events are pretty much the same - food, drinks, mingling, product intro. So I agreed to attend with the notion that it is going to be the same. But I was wrong!!!!!!!

This is not an ordinary event. This is a Kiss Me challenge. There are two things to challenge on that day - (1) physical & mental challenge, (2) to challenge the durability of Kiss Me makeup, namely the eyeliner and eyeshadow.

Meet my team for the day....... Jennn from JennGorgeous, Alyssa from Wanderlust and Joy.

Products we use for the day...

Heavy Rotation Gel Liner, Heroin Make Liquid Eyeliner and Heroin Make mascara. I use both the eyeliner. On my left I had the gel liner and on my right I use the liquid liner. In my opinion, the gel liner works better for me because it glides so smoothly and the formula is really creamy like butter.

The first challenge was to dive in to the pool and look for Kiss Me Sun Killer sunblock. Joy was our warrior for that challenge...

Once we got the clue, we straightaway ran to the Scream Park. It is one of the obvious clue...

Two teams were in one round, so my team join up with Cik Lily Putih and her gang. We were just sticking to each other the entire time like a ball of furball rolling out of the scream park.

Once we complete the task, we are suppose to sing our team jingle to warrant a stamp for our card. My team name was ikan talapia, and our jingle goes... "Good to cook, good to fry, good to steam.... Ikan..... Talapia....." It's so embarrassing to sing it out loud, but it's damn funny at the same time.

The worst challenge was the "creepy crawler" where we had to dig our hand into a pile of Madagascar cockroaches and retrieve tiles of scrabble letters and form a word out of it..... I hate that!!!!

There were 8 tasks to complete, but we only manage 5 of it. Obviously we didn't win the challenge. I think partly it is because having an old lady (i.e. me) in the team slows down a lot of things. LOL!!! I really can't beat the young girls in terms of stamina.

Congratulations to the winners!!!!

However, we did won a challenge.... Which is the makeup challenge. Our eyeliner and mascara stayed on throughout the entire time. Even though we went through water, sweat, and tears they lasted throughout the day!!!!

After shower and changing, there was a treat awaiting for us. The Kiss Me makeup artists helped us with our makeup and hairdo.

There's also a photo booth for us to take unlimited purikura photos! That was really fun!

I think this is by far the most exciting event throughout my blogging journey. It was really tiring and hectic during the challenge, but it was worth it. And it is also the biggest event with so many pretty girls attended!!! Thank you Kiss Me for organizing such a wonderful event. Hope there's more to come.


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Fiona said...

Sounds like sooo much fun, wish I could have been there :)