Oct 11, 2013

L'Occitane Gurney Paragon Opening & Products Worth Trying

Hi everyone! I'm back in Penang for the weekend. Since I've never been to Gurney Paragon, I took this chance to go for shopping. L'Occitane just opened their third outlet in Penang at Gurney Paragon and the boutique embrace the new L'Occitane greenhouse concept.

The boutique focuses on reducing the use of energy and water, furniture and props use in the store are recycled. With this earth-friendly concept, shoppers will experience a true 360 eco-friendly shopping experience. The ingredients of the products are made of sustainable resources, the packaging are made of recognized eco-friendly materials, even the shopping bags are made of recycled materials.

Once step into the store, shoppers will feel as if they are sheltered from the harsh weather outside whilst being treated and pampered in relaxing Provencal-inspired music and aroma. Provence the birth place of L'Occitane brand, which is located in Southern France.

L'Occitane's brand commitment
Check out the golden tile on the floor!
Antique distillation machine to make pure essential oil
If you're new to L'Occitane, or been wanting to try L'Occitane products but not sure what product to start with, let me introduce to you some of my favorites...

No. 5 Shampoo - This shampoo smells so good!!! It makes your hair feel light-weighted. If you have scalp problem or oily hair, try this, you'll love it.

No. 5 Conditioner - Of course the shampoo has to be coupled with the No.5 conditioner that complements each other. It leaves your hair silky smooth. Try this if you have extremely coarse and unruly hair.

Precious Cleansing Foam - This foam cleanser is from L'Occitane's Immortelle range. Immortelle is a type of flower that can be found in Provence. This flower never fade and will not spoil throughout the year. This foam cleanser became my favorite after I traveled with it for about two weeks. Normally when I travel, I will get really bad break out because of the harsh environment and lack of sleep, but when I use this facial wash, there's no break out at all. I traveled through 6 timezones with this facial wash and it was the only skincare product I had throughout my journey on the plane. It preserves my face as it is, I didn't even had toner or moisturizer on. I think I can go on and on about how good this product is. Maybe I'll write a separate review on this, however I've used up the entire bottle...

Pure Shea Butter - All L'Occitane products are made from ingredients can be found in Provence except the shea butter, which they got from Burkina Faso village in Africa. This is a multi-purpose product which you can use on anything - dry lips, dry skin, rashes, skin irritation, dry hair, remove makeup, as moisturizer, etc. It is like vaseline without petroleum jelly in it. This tin contains pure raw shea butter which haven't processed into any form yet. Every purchase of this product will also contribute to the Burkina Faso village women to help their economic growth.

Lavender Shower Gel - I think this is the best smelling shower gel from L'Occitane. If you're a fan of lavender scent, this is a must. I really love using this at night. The smell is long-lasting that the next day I can still smell it. Showering with this can be a quick therapy for stress and insomnia.

Rose EDT - Although a lot of fragrance made out of roses, but I find the L'Occitane one has the closest smell to the original rose scent.

Pivoine Flora Eau de Parfum - If you've been following this blog for a long time, you know how much I love peony fragrance. This is no exception. It has very light floral scent, easy on the nose and definitely a scent for every woman.

Verveine Body Salt Scrub - This is the most amazing body scrub ever. Besides buffing your skin, it moisturize your skin at the same time. You will feel squeaky clean after a short scrub. People always tell me, all scrubs also the same, can feel the difference immediately. Try this first and you'll know it's different. I don't know how to explain it in words, so do try it when you're in L'Occitane boutique.

 With Constance and Alie at the new L'Occitane Gurney Paragon.

If you're going to Gurney Paragon Penang this weekend, do check out the new L'Occitane boutique. They have special promotions going on in conjunction with the new opening...

By the way, are you a fan of L'Occitane? What are the products that you love that you think I should try? Do share with me so I can try it out too...

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