Oct 27, 2013

Monday Mani: Nail it! with Bloop plus a little twist

First of all, I would like to apologize for the quality of the photos in this post. I didn't realized how bad it was until I've finished my manicure, and then I can't go back to do another because I only have 1 set of the nail strips.

Anyway, this is my second time trying nail strips. It wasn't a pleasant experience the first time I was trying it because I bought those RM5 from Daiso and it was a disaster. Since then I avoided nail strips until today, I am trying out nail it! with bloop that comes in this month's WonderBox. To my surprise, this one is so easy to apply. I added some twist in the end, so read on...

First these are all you need - nail strips, top coat and a nail file:

I didn't know my nail strips are transparent. So I needed a base color to go with the nail strips. The first step, I painted a pure white base so that the designs from the nail strips can stand out. If you receive the same transparent nail strips, go on and choose your favorite base color. You can even do different colors for 5 of your fingers.

Step 2, place the rounded edge of the nail strip on to your cuticle. Make sure you choose the correct size for different nails. The way they align the sizes of the nail strips is self-explanatory. If you have really small nail, just trim out the extras.

Step 3, file off the extras with a nail file. I'm pretty sure you know how to do that. You'll get a perfect designed nail art in just a second. This is the result:

The last step is to apply top coat and let it dry. Make sure you seal the edge of your nails with the top coat for a long lasting manicure.

Like I said earlier I did a little twist with this nail strips. The twist is really simple. All I did was cut out design that I want and paste it onto the nails.

If you're too lazy to cut the shape out, you can place the straight edge of the nail strip on half of your nail and then file it, like this...

Instead of having all my nails wrapped in the same nail strips, I this is what I have...

If you cut out half of those nail strips, you can keep the rest for another usage. You can get the bloop nail strips from any bloop counter or Watson's at RM12.90 (if I'm not mistaken).

Hope you enjoyed this week's Monday Mani. So sorry again for the quality of the photos. If I purchase the nail strips, I will do another step-by-step post. Have a great week ahead.

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LauraLeia said...

I love this idea! It looks really pretty like that, hehe~ Will try it sometime with some of the nail strips that I have. :D