Nov 18, 2013

Beautiful from the inside out with El Marino Blanc

Generally, this is what a typical woman will go through in her journey towards beautiful skin:

Teenage – Hormones become rebellious, acne starts popping up uncontrollably. This is when you need to tone down the use of chemicals. Use skincare products that are gentle and mild on skin.

Early 20s – This is a good age to experiment with makeup. Start with basic products until you’re comfortable with the look which you want to achieve and understand what your skin needs. While you are experimenting with all these makeup products, don’t forget to feed your skin with hydrating skincare. Always remember to moisturize, moisturize and moisturize!

Late 20s – Start using anti-aging products. Remember that wrinkles, age spots and skin sagging are results of aging. There’s no way you can erase those, unless you go under the knife. Start investing in good eye cream, serum and essence. You might want to take extra supplements to boost your skin renewal rate.

Early 30s and the rest of your life – Skin becomes more fragile as the wall of the skin cells get thinner after each year. You need skincare with richer ingredients and a more concentrated formula. Oral supplements such as Vitamin E, C or collagen are a must to enhance the skin’s ability to renew its cells.

If you’re in the category of late 20s and above, I would recommend you all to take collagen. Here, I briefly go through the science of collagen.

What is collagen?

It is a type of protein found in the cells of our skin. It has a jelly-like texture that people commonly refer to as gelatin. Our body is made out of 30% collagen and its function is to hold all our tissues together. Imagine it as a glue to hold your skin. As we age, the collagen in our body degrades; the production of collagen slows down and becomes less and less each day. This is why you need to start taking collagen from an external source at late 20s.

Where can we get collagen?

Normally collagen can be extracted from animals or plants. Although the collagen from plants is safer, it is harder for the human body to absorb it. Our body accepts collagen from animals better as the cells are somewhat similar. Generally, collagen is taken from fish as it is easier to extract and the amount of collagen extracted is higher.

What collagen suits you most?

This is a matter of personal preference. You may want to try a few brands before settling for one you like. I personally take El Marino Blanc and I think it is worth trying. Let me tell you why El Marino Blanc is my top preference:

1. Collagen normally comes in small glass bottles which are really irritating to carry around and it takes up space to store them. El Marino Blanc comes in sachets which can be carried around easily and can be stored in the drawer without taking too much space.

2. It doesn’t have fishy smell or taste like other types of collagen, which is a major problem for other brands of collagen. It tastes like mild berry juice.

3. It delivers results in just 7 days*. Some other brand recommends you to take at least a month before seeing the results. An impatient woman like me really don’t like that.

El Marino Blanc is a product by Elken. Its main ingredients are Red Orange Complex (ROC®), ADS®Viqua® and Collactive™ Hydrolyzed Collagen and Elastin Peptides. It promises:

Fairer skin
Firmer skin
Radiant & glowing skin
Smoother skin texture

*A test was done on 64 women and men between 25-50 years old over 4 weeks. 100% experienced reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. 85% experienced improvement in skin smoothness. 78% experienced increase in skin hydration. 69% saw dark spots becoming lighter and skin tone becoming fairer.

I’ve been taking this for a month and I can see the result improve gradually. I do believe my skin is much firmer as the visible sagging lines between my eyes and my cheeks have disappeared. It also smoothens my skin and I can clearly see that my open pores are not as deep as before. I notice all these improvement because I actually stare at my skin for at least half an hour every day.

Here is a before and after photo with no makeup/skincare on:

El Marino Blanc is really easy to consume. Just pour one sachet over 75ml of water, stir and drink. There’s a bit of floating “stuff”, if you want to strain it out, you can. Otherwise, it is alright to drink just like that. For convenience, I measure ¾ of a whisky glass per sachet. Best of all, it is certified Halal, so all our Muslim sisters can consume it without worries.

Where to get El Marino Blanc:

Available through any Elken branch or via its 100 stockists throughout Malaysia
Price: El Marino Blanc (30 sachets) for RM 235 (WM) & RM 240 (EM)


HanaBlurbs said...

I think your skin's improvement does shows abit! Kudos :)

Anonymous said...

Your skin does look brighter and more radiant than before! I'm gonna try this product soon. Hopefully, I can be as radiant as you!

Anonymous said...

8 tried 5 boxes and yet had no difference or changes nor any improvement on my skin. Not to be negative. Just expressing my opinion after 5 boxes and 2 months usage.