Nov 12, 2013

L'Occitane Immortelle Divine Lotion & Divine Cream (Crème Divine)

Immortelle is a flower with exceptional longevity: it never fades, even after it has been picked. Organic Immortelle from Corsica is rich in active molecules that deliver unique anti-aging beauty results. Combined with a unique complex of natural active ingredients, its effects are dramatically enhanced, so that its extraordinary powers can be revealed at the heart of the most exceptional formulas.

Today I have two products from the L'Occitane Immortelle line to review. These products are really amazing. It combines both natural ingredients with the latest technology to develop a high performance skincare line.

Immortelle Divine Lotion

What it is:
With 3 patents, the Divine Lotion helps maintain the skin's balance and accelerate cellular renewal, to recreate skin's lost substance:
  1. Helps maintain skin's youthful appearance and its potential for regeneration.
  2. Makes skin feel incredibly supple.
  3. Smoothes skin.
  4. Firms skin and restores its elasticity.
  5. Preserves skin equilibrium.
  6. Restores luminosity and translucency to the complexion.
  7. Prepares skin to receive daily skincare products benefits.
With its rich texture and subtle aromatic scent of fresh Immortelle flowers, this softening lotion gives skin an immediate sensation of supreme comfort, to leave it feeling deliciously supple.

It is a liquid smooth essence which absorbs really quickly into the skin to prepare you for your next beauty product.

How to apply:
Apply to clean, dry skin with a cotton pad or with the fingertips, patting lightly, working up to the forehead. Avoid the eye area. Use morning and evening, before the Divine Extract and Divine Cream.

Suitable for:
If you have older skin that needs more booster in your daily skincare routine, this is a very good product. It prepares your skin to absorb more benefits from the later products you are going to apply. If you think your beauty products don't perform as good as before, add this to your routine and you'll see dramatic changes.

Immortelle Divine Cream

What it is:
With 5 patents, the Divine Cream acts at the heart of cells to correct all signs of aging and help to recreate skin's lost substance.
  1. Help maintain skin's youthful appearance and its potential for regeneration.
  2. Intensely nourishes.
  3. Visibly reduces wrinkles by 36%.
  4. Firms skin 89% and restores elasticity 91% for more shapely facial contours.
  5. Helps redefine and restructure the oval structure of the face by 27%.
  6. Helps visibly reduce dark spots color intensity by 34% within a month.
  7. Reveals skin radiance and skin tone harmony. 
With its unctuous texture, the Divine Cream melts deliciously into the skin, giving a sensation of supreme comfort.

A thick buttery smooth cream texture. It has oil base but doesn't feel sticky or oily when you spread it out onto the skin. 

How to apply:
Use morning and evening on face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Apply to clean, dry skin and gently massage in.

Suitable for: 
A more mature skin because the product is really rich and heavy. And if you have pre-mature skin concern, it is good to start incorporate this into your daily skincare routine to prevent further damage. Because it has oil base, it might not be suitable for people with extremely oily skin.


I use these Immortelle Divine Lotion and Divine Cream only at night and it is enough to see dramatic improvement after a week. I'm not too sure if this will be suitable for younger skin (age 25 below), because the formula is really rich and concentrated. Since I'm going to be 30, these are great discovery for me to equip myself for aging process.

I really love the smell of the Lotion Divine but not the Divine Cream. The Lotion Divine has a very light floral scent which I assume smells like the Immortelle flower. However the Divine Cream has stronger scent.

If I could pick only 1 out of the 2 products, I would choose the Divine Cream because I always think essence is more of an add-on product (i.e. the Lotion Divine). The Lotion Divine preps your skin so that the later products can give its optimum result. Technically, most of the repairing work comes from the Divine Cream. Nonetheless, both the products complement each other and it is best to use both products together.

The Immortelle Divine range is available at all L'Occitane boutiques. Do pay a visit whenever you are at the mall. I urge you to try out the Divine Cream on your hand. It is hard not to fall in love with just the texture.

Divine Lotion (200ml, RM190)
Divine Cream (50ml, RM455)

The Immortelle Divine range also comes with Divine Extract (serum) and Divine Eyes (eye cream). 

***These products were PR samples sent for consideration.

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