Nov 11, 2013

NARS The Multiple (Orgams)

Disclaimer: Spelling error is made on purpose for the sake of keywords appropriate. 

What is it?
François Nars' iconic innovation, the original multi-purpose stick for eyes, cheeks, lips and body. Its unique creamy formula and sheer color blends effortlessly to create shimmering accents; contours or dynamic highlights on all skin tones. Apply with fingers: the skin's warmth allows for perfect blending.
  •  Mistake-proof color; quick and easy to apply.
  • Sheer, natural finish for eyes, cheeks and lips.
  • Enriched with Vitamin E and acai oil for antioxidant benefits. 

The formula for the stick is really creamy and smooth to glide on. The color payoff is not as promising as other NARS products. The coral base color is more sheer compared to the Orgams original pan blush, but it is definitely more shimmer-y. 

How to apply:
If you are using it as a blush, you can swatch it directly onto your cheek. However, I would recommend you to use a brush to keep the product clean. If you are using it on the eyes and lips, the size of the stick requires you to use a brush.

1. It is an all-in-one stick. You can use it for any purpose you like – as a blush, eye shadow, lip color, etc. You can save some money and space for its multi-purpose function.
2. The shimmer-y effect makes it really good for highlighting.
3. The stick is easy to carry if you need it for travel
4. I think its best potential is to be used as eye shadow base for shimmer eye shadows. It brings out the glittery shimmer effect really well.

1. The usual complain – the packaging. I still don’t like the typical NARS rubber-y packaging. Nuff said.
2. I don’t think it works well for the lips. This product looks more like your typical stick cream blush.

Suitable for:
If you like cream blush, but want to save that messy step of using your fingers, this is would be your instant favourite. It works well as an eye shadow base for shimmer eye shadow.

Below is the comparison of using the NARS Multi Purpose Stick as eyeshadow base against not using any eyeshadow base and with brand X eyeshadow base.  It amazes me how a same eye shadow turns out looking so different with 3 different base. As a base, the Multiple brings out the best in shimmer eye shadow.

I use the Multiple on my cheek, eye shadow and lip color for the photo below. I look like I just woke up with no makeup on!

I think the NARS Multi Purpose Stick is definite nice to have. However, it wouldn’t be a daily makeup product. I don’t think you will miss anything if you give this product a miss. Keep your penny for the pan blush. In my opinion it is more worth it to get the original pan blush. 

NARS is opening their first store in Malaysia in Pavilion this 16th November. At the meantime, I will try to provide more information to you all, let me know which NARS product(s) that you are interested to know more in the comment section below. 

For Orgams blush review, click <here>. 


wiida said...

pretty <3 At first i thought the stick going to be more pigmented than the powder blush. but after read your review, I think the powder blush is better and more pigmented. I prefer pigmented blush rather than shimmery one. Thanks for the review :)

Jean said...

ah... will stick to the pan.. but using as a primer really enhance the color, and shimmers!

Unknown said...

I will keep it in mind, thanks for sharing the information. Keep updating, looking forward for more posts. Thanks.
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