Nov 7, 2013

Neutrogena Deep Clean Revitalizing Ultra Foam Cleanser & Foaming Scrub in Pink Grapefruit

When speak of Neutrogena Deep Clean facial wash, all I could associate is the yellowish brown bottle with bold print of the brand name in black. When I received this Neutrogena Deep Clean Revitalizing facial wash set from WonderBox Malaysia, it comes in pink! 

Revitalizing Ultra Foam Cleanser

What it is:
Neutrogena® Deep Clean® Revitalizing Pink Grapefruit Ultra Foam Cleanser cleans deep down into pores with a self-dispensing luxurious foam. Effectively removes up to 99% of oil, dirt and impurities. Contains pink grapefruit, helps eliminate dead skin cells for younger-looking and healthy skin. Dermatologist-tested. Oil-free. Alcohol-free. Non-comedogenic.

It is very light and fluffy like marshmallow at the same time the foam is really compact.

I really love the refreshing smell. It is a good facial wash to use in the morning because of the fresh citrusy scent.  It feels really light and soft but at the same time it gets the cleaning done really well. 

Foaming Scrub

What it is:
Powerfully clears blemishes and blackheads with maximum strength Salicylic Acid acne medicine plus an uplifting blast of grapefruit.With 100% naturally derived grapefruit extract and vitamin C, Neutrogena® Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub features gentle microbeads that smooth away roughness without over-drying or irritating your skin.

It has gooey gel base with micro beads and some bigger pink beads that feels a bit rubber-y.

I don't know if it is as powerful as it claims, but I feel the scrub is too gentle for me. I definitely feel the microbeads exfoliating my skin but I think it is not coarse enough. I prefer those scrub that feels like it is scrapping off my skin, I psychologically feel more effective with those scrubs. If you're looking for a scrub which is gentle on the skin, this is definitely the one which you should go for. The smell of the scrub is a little bit more pungent compared to the foam cleanser. 

Both the ultra foam cleanser and foaming scrub works really well together. I personally prefer the ultra foam cleanser, I think it is amazing for daily use. It is perfect in the morning as wake-me-up product because of the scent and for the night, it is really effective in cleaning off dirt and makeup. Meanwhile I will give the foaming scrub a miss base on my personal preference. Go for it if you want a gentle exfoliant. 

It also comes in Mulberry scent in purple. 

Neutrogena products are available in major pharmacies throughout the nation. Follow Neutrogena Facebook page for more product updates:

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Priya Nagalingam said...

Very helpful and thanks for your honest review... I am currently searching for a good cleanser for my combination skin then I came across with your blog.and I love it.. Keep up :)