Nov 21, 2013

Product Comparison: Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX vs. Aupres Aqua Active Sleeping Mask

Today I'm going to compare two products that highly comparable -  the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX and the Aupres Aqua Active Sleeping Mask. Both the products have the same function, which is an overnight mask that provides hydration. They're quite comparable in terms of pricing, functionality and packaging.

Laneige Aupres


Gel based texture. Once applied on to the skin
it becomes matte
Gel based texture with aqua beads. The
aqua beads burst once applied on to
the skin. It appears to be wet and saturated
on the skin during application.


Has a strong after shower fragrance

Has a floral scent that leans towards jasmine

It is extremely moisturizing when you first
apply. The matte texture makes it perfect for
the night wear. However, the hydration and
moisture level didn't last until the next day.
And it doesn't provide enough hydration for
those who sleeps in the air-cond room.
Provides instant hydration. Very saturated
when applied on to the skin. It feels wet,
as if you put on a layer of mask when
applying. It can be a turn off to some people,
however it provides long lasting moisture
until the next day.

Comes in blue plastic jar with a small plastic
spatula to scoop the product out.
The jar is made of glass with plastic cover.
Also comes with a small plastic spatula
to scoop out the product.

RM100 for 80g RM95 for 80g

I actually missed out one point, which is the country of origin. Laneige products are made in Korea by giant cosmetic company Amore Pacific. Meanwhile, Aupres is made in China, its quality control is strictly monitored by sister company in Japan, Shiseido.

Because both the products are so similar, it is up to personal preference which one they prefer. For me, I like the Aupres one more because I believe it has higher hydration level and provides moisture until the next morning. Whereas, the Laneige one appears to be very dry on my skin in the morning.

But for those of you who prefer matte texture and don't want a "wet face" for your night routine, do go for the Laneige.

I hope this comparison gives you more info about the products and help you decide better which product to get. 


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Unknown said...

Ohh I so glad u do a post on d comparison between d 2. Actually I was using the laneige for almost a year. I put on quite a generous amount, so d next day I have a very fresh look. However recently I feel my face was getting very dry. Kind of weird, since I used d face mask 4-5 times per week. 2 much??? But then I got d Aupres from one of d beauty box. I really like it ler. D smell is very nice, more fragrance than Laneige. D texture also diff. Hmm I felt d skin is moist after used.
Hehe but no idea where I can buy it. :p