Nov 22, 2013

Starting a Beauty Blog: Focus on Drugstore or High End Products?

One of the biggest problem when you start a beauty blog is to choose whether you want to blog all high end products, drugstore products or should you blog both? Some people started their beauty blog with no direction and just simply blog whatever that they feel like. Instead of wasting your time, why don't you focus on a specific direction and let it work out by itself. There are pros and cons for all the options, and it is up to you which one you which direction you want to take for your blog.

Drugstore focus
1. There are tonnes of products for you to blog about and it is much cheaper for you to purchase it in the beginning.
2. The market for drugstore products are much bigger. Some of the beauty products are listed under FMCG (fast moving consumer goods), which means that if you publish a post of a specific drugstore products, it will lead to conversion. This will also translate a high persuasion power of your blog. It will lead to you getting more sponsored post in future. (I hope I make sense because this is a bit technical).
3. The likelihood for you to receive products from brands is higher. This is not because the products are cheap, but because (back to point 2), the market is so big that if a post can bring at least 10 sales for their products. This is why they don't mind giving products for write-up.

1. They are too many products for you to feature which can be quite exhaustive. 
2. Sometimes you might receive really cheap products to review on, which can be a turn off.

High end focus
1. Your blog would be a great eye candy because every girl just love to read in detailed and check out photos of high end product. It is like our little dream to own something that is expensive and exclusive.
2. When you receive products to review, the product can cost up to few thousand bucks. It gets really exciting when it does.

1. You might have to spend tonnes of money buying high end products to review before you even get noticed by the brands. Sometimes, it can take you years before you even get a sponsor.
2. The market for high end products is very niche. The amount of real buyer is also low. This will affect the persuasive level of your blog. If you post up 10 posts on a high end lipstick, but it doesn't convert to any sales, you will have a hard time getting sponsors in the future.

Both drugstore and high end
1. Blogging both drugstore brand and high end brand will let you cover almost the entire beauty market. Because your sample size is so big, it will also bring you a lot of traffic.
2. You can cover the campaigns for both drugstore and high end which means likelihood of receiving products for review, jobs and sponsorship is much higher.

1. You have to update at least once a day because there are too many things to cover. It can be really tiring.
2. Sometimes you have so many things to cover for the brands that you have no time to blog about your own stuff.

I hope this will get you the idea where your blog focus should be on. Beauty blogging might not be an easy thing to start up, but it is worth it if it is your interest. If you are a beauty blogger and would like to share your learning experience with all of us, feel free to leave a comment below.

Stick to this blog every Friday for more beauty blogging tips. Next, I will share some photography tips. It wouldn't be your typical photography tips on how to use your camera function. It is more specific for beauty blogging.

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HanaBlurbs said...

Gosh. After reading this I identify myself more to drugstore focus type of blog despite posting whatever I feel like :x

thank you for the enlightenment!

fashgrace said...

me too, i'm also more towards drugstore focus~ thanks for listing out the pros and cons, make me reflect more and ponder more on which beauty product i should review next time ( :

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