Nov 15, 2013

Starting a Beauty Blog in Malaysia: Market Research

The previous post about beauty blogging was quite general in the sense that, most of my tips were general knowledge. Today I want to talk about specifically how to start a beauty blog in Malaysia. If you're doing it out of interest, I don't think whatever I am going to share would be useful for you. However, if you are looking into earning some money out of blogging, some simple tips might help you getting started.

If you are thinking of earning money out of your blog, you must treat your blog like a venue for business. Just like starting any business, you have to survey your sample market. Meaning, how big is the population that will consume your blog info.

The figure of the beauty market in Malaysia is quite pathetic. Only 15% out of total women population in Malaysia uses skincare. Only 7% uses makeup. And then you will have to scale down, out of that very small sample size, how many of them use the internet. Then you have to scale lower, out of the ones who use internet, how many of them read blogs. By the time you cut the size of the pie, you'll left with very little numbers of people who will read your blog.

Look how small the size of your market is!

As oppose to blogging about food. 100% of Malaysian population eats food. Out of the 100%, 60% use the internet.

If you're looking for earning money from blogging, blog about something which has bigger market value. This is why you don't see any Malaysian beauty blogger who does full time blogging for living. A lot of beauty bloggers are also lifestyle blogger which they can blog about any topic.

Don't get demotivated by that. The good news is, beauty market in Malaysia is growing. You can see obvious example for the market expansion. Sephora is opening their branches everywhere. So many new international beauty brands are coming into Malaysia. These are the signs that the beauty market in Malaysia is expanding. If there is no profitable sales, all these big brands are unable to justify their brand presence in Malaysia. If you are persistent, you can be one of the pioneer beauty blogger.

This is just a food for thought before you start your beauty blog. I would share further:

  1. Should you blog about drugstore brands or high end brands
  2. How to ask for product sponsorship effectively
  3. How to maintain your writing standard
  4. Photography tips
  5. How useful are social media to your blog
  6. Ways you can earn money from your blog

I'm not really sure how many beauty bloggers (or readers that want to start beauty blog) are reading this blog. Do comment below if you want more blogging tips.


Mieza Everdeen said...

I stopped whatever I was doing when I saw you post this on facebook, and read this post on the spot. More pleaseeeee Jerine ^_^

little miss smexy said...

Great post, I love the insight of the beauty market in female population! thank you for this fabulous post

Nicole Yie said...

Those who doesn't want more blogging tips are those who don't even read blogs! XD Gosh can't wait for all the upcoming blogging tips, Jerine!! :D

Unknown said...

More please =)

Jerine said...

Maybe I will do this like a weekly thing on Friday. So you girls can read on the weekend.

Izzati said...

I love this post!! More please said...

Great insights & amazing post!

Anonymous said...

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kina said...

i really love to try new products. however, i feel kinda intimidate to go to high end stores and ask for help. based on my experiences, i always meet with unfriendly make-up assistants and sometimes they do not even come to you unless you pick on something, then they will come. hope you can do a post related to this topic =)