Nov 12, 2013

When Fashion & Beauty Overlaps - Urban Decay Clothing

First, they shocked the cosmetic industry with uber pigmented eyeshadow. Then they added some spice to the conventional neutral makeup look with the Naked palette. Now they are extending their products into the fashion market. Yup, you saw it right from the title.... Urban Decay is now selling clothes!

In my humble opinion, I think UD will do really well in their clothing line. They are very specific and firm with their style, which is grunge x gothic x urban street style, which I think wins a lot of attention from girls of similar taste.

What do you think of their clothing line? Will you be interested in purchasing any of their clothes? I personally love the All Nighter Hanky Panky set. The purple undies are so sexy! And I don't mind getting the Vice 2 Tee and the Travel Yoga Towel as well.

For more info, go to Urban Decay site.

By the way, Malaysia's very first fashion box is now available for orders. Go to to place your order. You have 3 styles to choose from to suit your fashion taste - classic chic, girlie girl and hipster.


Charmaine Pua said...

Wow! That classic purple color <3

Jerine said...

@Charmaine: I used to hate purple and UD was the one who made me accept purple and now I'm loving it.