Dec 17, 2013

Christmas Set Worth the Purchase for 2013

It's that time of the year where every brand is coming up with their own Christmas set. Throughout history, I've spend so much on impractical Christmas sets because I'm a sucker for packaging. In the end, I feel like I could have spend the money on the stuff that are more useful. I don't want you to repeat my mistake, so I am going to recommend you some Christmas sets that are really worth buying. The recommendations are based on value and practicality.

Please note that these recommendations are based on beauty products only. The products can be a gift for someone, even for yourself and it is NOT targeted at specific receiver such as for mom, dad, sister, etc. It is a recommendation based on usefulness/value of the Christmas set.

L'Occitane Travel With You Set

If you walk into L'Occitane boutique, they have tonnes of Christmas sets this year. If you're getting a gift for someone, the Travel With You set is really worth it. This is the season where people go on holiday and travel back home, I think this set is perfect one for the season. It comes with Shea hand cream & foot cream, No. 5 Repairing shampoo & conditioner, Ultra rich shower cream & body milk and a really cute cotton pouch to store all the products in it.

All the products are L'Occitane's best sellers. This is a safe present to be gifted to anyone, it is suitable for men and women and it is also products that suit any age group. (RM169)

Benefit Advent Calender 

Who wouldn't be thrilled with this Benefit Advent Calendar. I have a separate review/show&tell post for this. So, head on to the specific post to check out more info. Limited stock (RM260)

Laura Mercier Artiste Palette

You can never go wrong with neutral palette. This limited edition Laura Mercier Artiste Palette is a perfect gift for every girl. You can create so many look with this palette. Although it is a holiday collection, the neutral color is extremely versatile to be worn throughout the year for everyday look. The formula is extremely pigmented (much better than Urban Decay) and easy to blend. This palette has a lot of matte texture and the color selection has highlighting shades, blending shades, shadow and also for eyebrow. This palette can easily be anyone's most favorite eyeshadow palette. (RM189)

OPI Mariah Carey's Nail Polish

Last year's OPI Holiday Collection was the Skyfall Collection. I didn't like it that much because the colors were more warm and they look pretty boring. It felt like I have almost similar shades for the entire collection. This year, OPI team up with Mariah Carey (this is the second time) to feature their Holiday Collection for 2013.

I find this year's collection more interesting (partly because it is in collaboration with Mariah Carey) because the colors have more festive feels and at the same time, they're also colors which can be worn throughout the year. The shades I love are:

All Sparkly And Gold - Micro glitter in gold. The glitters are quite sparse so you can layer it with other color or you can layer it on its own to achieve full coverage. (RM63)

All I Want For Christmas Is OPI -This is a true red (similar to Big Apple Red). The color feels quite ordinary to me. There's nothing about this color that shows anything Christmas, which I like, because you can wear it all year round. But being a Mariah's fan, the name melts my heart! (RM63)

Ski Slope Sweetie - A white champagne color with pearl effect. This is a perfect bridal color. (RM63)

I Snow You Love Me - A top coat with holographic circle glitter. The glitters are quite chunky which can be a turn off to put on if you have small nails. However, the holographic effect is amazing!(RM63)

Jo Malone's Christmas Ornament

Buying fragrance as a present can be a hit or miss experience. Scent is a personal thing. Even if you know the person's taste, what you smell from the bottle might not be the same when it is worn on the person who received it. However, perfume is something which I can't resist getting for people, perhaps I get drawn by the inviting packaging and beauty of the bottle. Jo Malone is my favorite choice of brand which I go for when it comes to getting perfume as present. This Christmas, Jo Malone came up with a few sets. I personally recommend the Christmas Ornament set which comes with 15ml English Pear & Freesia body cream and 9ml Pomegranate Noir Cologne. It comes with a square box which you can hang on Christmas tree. Although some people might get this for its superb presentation, to others, the content fits rightly to the Christmas mood. English Pear & Freesia and Pomegranate Noir are the famous Christmas scent from Jo Malone.

Jo Malone's Cologne Collection

One of Jo Malone's uniqueness is that the cologne can be worn in layers. Pick and choose your favorite cologne and mix them together to create a scent which is unique to your taste. The Cologne Collection is a perfect set for adventurous people who wants to try different cocktails scent with their own recipe. It comes with 5 cologne, 9ml each. The scent includes Lime Basil & Mandrin, English Pear & Freesia, Blackberry & Bay, Peony & Blush Suede, and Amber & Lavender. This is the set which I am getting for myself.


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