Jan 18, 2014

My Nails Inc. Nail Polish Changes Color Overtime

Hi all! I'm having a small problem here with my Nails Inc. nail polish and I hope some of you can explain to me how this happen. Well... My Nails Inc. nail polish changes color overtime. I have with me the Royal Botanical Gardens. It suppose to be a bright teal color. And now, mine turns into powder light blue!!!

No, I did not leave it under the sun. Nor did I leave it in high temperature place. It's just weird. Do you happen to know the answer why?

Do you have the same problem with your Nails Inc. nail polishes? Or any other nail polish brand? I've never had this problem except with this bottle.

Let me show you how the original color suppose to be...

Image from AnnaBean

Can you see the difference? It has lost some of the green pigment and turned into blue completely. I'm quite sad, for this is one of my favorite polish. Do let me know what can I do or is there any other way to prevent this from happening...

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Biouty-Mix said...

I got the same problem with the same polish, mine is also blue now. I'm so disappointed beacause this brand is a bit expensive and the quality of this one is bad.

This is the first time I got a polish that changed color overtime