Feb 19, 2014

1 Second Nail Art with Bloop Nail It!

Remember that time when I featured the Bloop Nail It! nail strips? I can't stress how convenient it is to have pretty nails with the nail strips. When my bff & I going for a cruise, the last thing I want to worry about is my nails, but at the same time I also want a pretty nail art to go with my outfit.

I also received the toe strip, I haven't use it yet. But it's the same thing and same procedure to apply, except the shape is cut into toe nail sizes.

I will go through with you the process again. These are the stuff you need. The nail strips, small scissors, nail file (comes in the pack), top coat. You might also need a base color nail polish if you have transparent nail strip.

Start with fresh clean nails. Remove any nail polish residue. My nails get so yellow because there's never a day I live without nail polish..

If there's any transparent nail strip, paint your desired base color on your nails. Leave it to dry for about 30 minutes. Make sure your nail polish is completely dry or your nail strips will be ruined.

Cut out the nail strips into pieces. This will make your life a lot easier. Then measure the nail strips on your nails. If you have tiny nails, cut off the extra on the side.

Stick the nail strip on to your nails. And file out the extra with the nail file.

And that's it! It's already done. Apply to all your nails and then secure it with top coat.

So sorry for the bad photos again. It is so hard to take nice photo right after you did your nails with no help. But check out Alie's nail strip. She has a nicer one...

You can purchase Bloop Nail It! from Bloop stores, Watson, and more conveniently on HiShop. HiShop is selling 3 packs for only RM38!

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