Feb 25, 2014

[Makeup Basics] What You Need to Know Before Starting to Indulge in Makeups

Few months ago, I followed a friend to a cosmetic shop (not going to name it. She's a makeup virgin, probably own a few lipsticks and mascaras, and that's all. She never truly understand cosmetics and since she will be starting to work in a MNC soon, she thought of putting a presentable face when going to work. To my horror, the sales girl recommended my friend various products that she don't need such a stick blusher that comes with a highlighter. As a frequent makeup user, I know the product is not going to be user friendly and probably will spoil her entire experience with makeups.

After the event, it dawn to me that one of the biggest factor why Malaysian girls don't consume makeup as much as Taiwan, HK and Singapore girls is because we have lack of product education. When a makeup virgin wants to start exploring makeup, normally the first place they will go to is makeup counter that parks some of their promoters there. They are full of hope... Hoping that the promoters will help them find suitable products. But it turns out, the promoter are just a bunch of sales hunger people. As soon as they know you are willing to part your money for some new products, they will recommend you anything and everything. As long as they get their paycheck at the end of the month, whether you will need the products or not, that is the least of their concern.

This should not happen. Malaysian girls deserve better education on makeups to help them understand what they need and what they don't need. Therefore, I will be dedicating some of my time in this blog to teach those of you who are makeup virgins on how to shop, where to shop, and how to apply your makeups.

I have a line of topics which I intend to post up every week:

1. Basic products that you should start with
2. How to choose your foundation (finding your skin tone, which formula you should go for, what type of application suits you)
3. Which products you should spend more money on, which products you should stick to drugstore

I hope these posts will help some of you in getting to know more about makeups. 


Princess Neverland said...

Hi Jerine! I can't wait for more related posts from you since I'm a make-up newbie too! Sometimes I just feel so afraid to approach the counter's sale girls because they will push you to buy products and I don't like it. Waiting for your new post! And thanks for spending time on doing this :D


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you post regarding this topic!!