Mar 22, 2014

[Haul] Cute Stuff from Daiso

I needed some retail therapy but I don't have extra cash to spend, so the best place to go is Daiso. Since everything is RM5, it can't hurt the pocket that much. But I have to confess, sometimes I go overboard and bought like RM100 worth of nonsense in Daiso.

This round, my haul is pretty moderate and all of it are useful stuff... Unless I decide later that I don't need it. However, at that point when I purchase it, everything are in my I-definitely-need-this list.

Pocket tissues. Everyone needs pocket tissues. Why buy the boring penguin packaging when you can buy these pretty lilac and pink floral design one?

I bought this clear toiletries bag for my makeup. My existing makeup bag got stained with all the spilling from my makeups. So I definitely need a new one. I really love the sketch on the bag.

When Alie brought her sticky memo to the office, I really wanted to steal it. Then she told me she got from Daiso, so I had to get one as well. The one she had was a collection of zoo animals. There are a few different designs, but I like this dachshund design.

With all the water rationing, wet tissues comes in handy. I got the two pack wet tissue that has smiley face on it. I like how it has no words on the top packaging, but with just a smiley face.

Then there's this microfiber cleaning cloth. I'm putting this at the side of my table, so I can wipe off my computer screen when it is dusty. I actually can live without this. I don't actually need it. But I'm a sucker for everything pink with black lace. It looks so pretty, I just have to get it.

Cotton bud (or do you call it Q-tips?) with pink handle. Nothing really interesting, except that the pink handle will make my vanity look more girlie...

Lastly, I also got a box of paper clips. I keep misplacing my paper clips and then they just vanished from the surface of the earth. I couldn't find any when I needed to clip some of my receipts onto my organizer and it bothers me a lot. Ok, enough of the excuses to justify getting the paper clip. The main reason why I got it is because of the packaging. Look at the enamel ribbon bow on top of the box...

That's all for my haul.

Just a note... If you see something on my blog and can't find it in Daiso, it is pretty normal. Sometimes they don't restock their products and the products are a bit different from outlet to outlet. The one that I went to was at 1Utama and just two days ago.


Von said...

The sticky memo and paper clips stole my heart! <3

Jerine said...

@Von: Love at first sight for me..

Lia Uret said...

Your hauls from Daiso are totally cute! Especially the microfiber cloth (pink + black lace), I think that its combination are quite sexy.

Unknown said...

love your daiso haul !

Mieza Everdeen said...

the paper clips's box!!!

choi yen said...

The Tiffany blue box lid, cute max!

Jerine said...

Hahaha... Everyone loves the paper clip! <3

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