Mar 27, 2014

M.A.C. A Fantasy of Flowers Collection Spring 2014 Product Photos & Swatches

A glorious garden of irresistible shades unfolds, its hidden pleasures unearthed as delicate pastel Pigments unfurl and the dewy sparkle of Cremesheen Glass casts a luminous gleam. Rose-colored hues from lustrous Lipstick, while a heavenly hybrid of Mineralized Eye Shadows blossoms with natural splendour. Cheeks are kissed with the graceful glow of Mineralized Blush, and vivid pops of colour flourish as Fluidline and Nail Lacquer bring this flowery fantasia to life.

Are you the type that fall head over heels with colors when it comes to makeup? If yes, the M.A.C. A Fantasy of Flowers Spring 2014 collection will make you feel like kid in a candy store. This collection focus more on bright and vivid color of spring flora. I don't know why I keep calling it "A Flight of Fantasy". That's Disneyland parade! Nonetheless, the makeup collection gives the same amount of excitement as Disneyland parade.

It is a complete collection with two range - the red range has warmer tone and the green range has cooler tone.


The lipsticks from this collection are to die for. I do see the resemblance of flower petals from all the colors.

Fleur D'Coral - Pale creamy peach. Suitable for extremely fair skintone and darker skintone. With lustre finish.
Naked Bud - A neutral sheer nude. Suitable for all skintone. With lustre finish.
Dreaming of Dahlia - A sheer red-coral. With lustre finish. My most favorite shade.
Rose Lily - A sheer pink pastel. With lustre finish.
Snapdragon - A mid-tone blue pink. Almost like Barbie doll pink. With lustre finish.
Heavenly Hybrid - A mid-tone berry. With lustre finish. 

Price: RM68


The Cremesheen Glass collection range from super sheer to medium opacity. Some has fleck of glitters in it. The colors for this collection are super attractive.

Galaxy Rose - A mid-tone violet pink. Vivid color, almost like plum. Opacity is medium.
Playful Petal - Electric magenta. With micro glitters in it. A super pretty shade.
Pagoda - Frosted cool pink. This shade can't be worn by itself. It will make you look really pale. However, you can apply it on top of a bright lipstick to create unique lip color.
Star Quality - Bright orange-coral. I foresee this can be a best seller. A safe shade for everyday wear, and my favorite out of the lot.
Nectar Sweet - Soft pink-peach. A very sheer opacity with some micro glitters.
Flare of Fantasy - Mid-tone pink-beige. Has micro glitters in it. 

Price: RM80


There are 4 sets quad eyeshadows in the collection. Each shade of the quad are thoughtfully put together so it can be worn just by itself. There's a bright shade for highlighting, dark shade for crease, a feature color and a shade for blending. Every quad can be used by itself, will be very convenient for traveling.

Price: RM85

Pink Sensibility

Great Beyond 

In The Meadow

 Golden Hour


If you're into bright vivid color, the pigment would be better choice than the eyeshadow. There are 4 colors of pigment for this collection:

Lily-White - Pale butter-yellow shimmer
Chartreuse Bouquet - Shimmering acid green
Violet - Vivid bright violet purple
Pink Pearl - Shimmery lavender-pink

Price: RM85


Fluid line is colored liner that comes in a pot. Technically you can use it as eyeliner, eyeshadow base or as lid color by itself.

Price: RM75


Most of the time I don't understand why there are items such as mascara and brush in a makeup collection. To me, mascara and brushes are staple and it should belong to the permanent collection. I guess they are just putting in for the sake of completing the entire collection so it covers every single product range. 

Haute & Naughty Lash - in black. Price: RM93
286 Duo Fibre Tapered Blending - Price: RM180
159 Duo Fibre Blush - Price: RM135
187 Duo Fibre Face - RM138 


A lot of people don't know how to use Mineralize Skinfinish. It is actually a versatile baked powder and can be used as anything - it depends on which color of mineralize skinfinish you get, you can powder on top of your foundation to set it, as blush, as highlighter, as contour or as a bronzer.

Price: RM120


There are two blush from this collection. They are:

Azalea in the Afternoon - mid-tone blue pink. A powdery pink color.
Petal Power - Coral pink with gold shimmer (This reminds me of NARS Org. I will do a product comparison post on that soon).

Price: RM100



There are 4 nail lacquer for this collection - 2 cream color and 2 shimmer. All of it has pretty fair drying time.

Soirée - Sparkly light bronze gold. This is amazing one coater polish. 
Girl Trouble - Super glitter pink. In a certain angle, it looks purplish. 
Pep Pep Pep - A light peach nude. The formula for this is a bit streaky, but can be even out with 3 coats
Saint Germain - Light cool pink. I love this! It is a plastic pink color. A perfect color for nail art, or even to wear it on its own. 

Price: RM48

Last night I was at the launch of A Fantasy of Flowers Collection at Queensbay Mall (Penang). The show was brilliant. There was a mini party, surrounded by all the colorful makeups. I almost get high from playing with all the products.

Opening of the launch

Haritha Shan demonstrating the products from A Fantasy of Flowers Collection

MAC Store at Queensbay Mall

What do you think about A Fantasy of Flowers collection? Is there any item that caught your eye? If you're interested in any of the product, you can check it out at any MAC store. Go and play with it, swatch it and see if it is good for you. I feel like getting the Naked Bud & Dreaming Dahlia lipstick and the Golden Hour quad. Should I?

Of all the makeup brands, I think MAC does a brilliant job featuring each of their collection. I always check out their new collection online before it is even launched. The next collections that I am looking forward to are Proenza Schouler (my favorite designer!) and Maleficient (the nail lacquers are to die for!).



Camy said...

didnt know u are penang blogger! *high5 hihi :P

LauraLeia said...

Tested the lipsticks from Fantasy of Flowers collection last week. The colours are pretty but didn't call out to me, lol. I'm still waiting for a MAC product that makes me go "I MUST GET THIS ASDFGHJKL" (also maybe bc i'm not a vanilla-lover lol)

Jerine said...

@HerYuan: Yup. I'm actually based in few places. Hahahaha...

@Laura: The Maleficient nail polish lah! It's the I-MUST-GET-THIS for you. The duo chrome can make galaxy nails!