Mar 3, 2014

[Makeup Basics] Products You Should Start With

As I've mentioned earlier, I am starting a new topic on this blog especially catered to makeup virgins who want to explore the beautiful world of cosmetics. I will put it on the title, so you can check it out if you're interested in this topic.

To start with, I am going to introduce you to the basic products that you should start with. A lot of girls made mistake by going into high end makeup stores to purchase their first product. It is an honest mistake because generally you can get help easily at high end makeup stores with all the makeup artists and experienced promoters which more often than not, we perceived they could give us some professional advice. I wouldn't trust them to give you advice in good faith, after all they are surviving on sales of the products.

Start off with drugstore brands. These are the brands available in Watson, Guardian, or supermarket. Consider this as your "tester period". Get yourself familiar with what kind of product suits you, what texture you are looking for, what kind of result you want, etc. If you purchase the wrong product, at least it doesn't hurt your pocket as much as purchasing high end product. Once you know exactly what you want, congratulations.... you're able to graduate into high end brand products. Normally you will take about one year in this "tester period" to get to know the products you are suitable with.

Here are some products which you can start with:

1. Foundation

Foundation comes in different texture - liquid, powder, stick and cream. I will talk about the basics of foundation next week. As for now, I will recommend you the L'Oreal True Match foundation. It is in liquid form. The reason why I recommend this to you is because the coverage is buildable. Hence, you can skip buying concealer. And the formula is pretty good, it provides long lasting hydration and very unlikely to cause skin irritation. Price point, it is approximately RM40.

2. Eyebrow powder

It is really important for you to get your eyebrow fixed when you're putting makeup on. It will look disastrous if you skip it. I will recommend you to start with a powder type as opposed to the pencil one. This is because the pencil type is harder to control and if you're not sure how much pressure to put, you might end up looking like Shin Chan. Start with powder one because it is easier to control and you are able to build the color or remove with Q-tips if you've put too much. I will recommend you to start with the Heavy Rotation eyebrow powder (will try to get the product and post a review to show you). Price, approximately RM40.

3. Mascara

I don't have to explain why you need this. I'm pretty sure it is something which every girl will purchase first before they purchase anything else. To start with, I recommend you to go for Maybelline brand. Maybelline has tones of mascaras for you to choose. Let me tell you, whatever they say on the packaging (volumising, curl, lengthen, etc.) just won't work! What you have to look for is the type of wand. I will be talking about mascara by itself in a separate post. So watch out for it. Price, approximately RM30.

4. Blusher

Blush will make a huge difference on your face. It immediately transform your pale face making you look refreshed and energetic. For start, go for Silkygirl. They have about 5 colors for you to choose from. My favorite is the Honey.... (I can't remember the name, but it has the word Honey on it). Price, RM18 about there.

5. Lipstick

You just can't skip this. It is easier to find a suitable lipstick. And I think it is the easiest beauty product to purchase. However, I am going to recommend you the Revlon Color Burst. It is amazing! They have different formula - lip butter, matte and tinted lip balm. Go for the lip butter one. You'll melt in love with the texture. Price, RM25.

You don't have to follow the brands I recommended. These are just the brands that I've tried and I think they're pretty good. The total price for this starter pack is approximately RM160. It doesn't hurt the pocket at all. With RM160, you could probably get only one product from a high end brand. If the product is a bummer, you just wasted the money which you could have gotten 5 products from drugstore.

Here's what you going to do when you enter the drugstore:

1. Find the product which you want to buy. Once you locate it, swatch it to see if it fits your color. Leave it on for awhile as a patch test. If it irritates your skin, then move on to try another product.

2. Once you decided you really like the product, google the name and search for blog reviews of the product. Get feedback from 6 different blogs to see if the product is okay. If majority of the bloggers think the product is no good, then ditch it and find another one. If it is all well, then get it.

I hope these tips are useful for you. Next week I will be talking about the types of foundation and how to find the shade that is most suitable for your skin tone. If you have any questions, or comments, do leave me a word on the comment section below.


HanaBlurbs said...

Ah eyebrow! I have only started to use them after a year plus being a tester. Lol. I agree on reading the reviews first :D

pehxying said...

Any recommendations for drugstore concealer? :)

Von said...

Nice one! I do agree on going for drugstore brands first as those working in high end stores are always recommending expensive stuff. Sephora staffs do that too at times...

Jerine said...

@Xin Ying Peh: Maybelline. The quality is as good as Nars.

Anonymous said...

My first ever make up is from Silky Girl! hahaha.. the nude lip pencil! I repurchase it countless of times! Lol..